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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, March 10, 2003 at 5:58PM :

Someone is telling me that the presence of one true Christian among thousands of rotten human Christian beans, "proves" that Christianity is a positive force. It seems the exception proves the rule where religion is concerned. If you were to ascribe big noses to Christanity, then the presence of big noses would "prove" the efficacy of Christianity in supplying big noses. And when all else fails, the supreme compliment of, "you're more Christian than a Christian", is supposed to clinch it...see how miraculus Christianity is that just by its proximity to has transformed you into a devotee, given you a big nose and you didn't even know it was in the neighborhood!

I can't imagine where else that kind of "thinking" would prevail. If aerodynamic theory led to four out of five planes crashing, you'd want to check your equations...even your basic assumptions. You'd hardly expect a "scientist" to run along the airfield hopping over the twisted wreckage and torn limbs of the victims of thousands of failed flights yelling, "look, LOOK...there's a plane up there still flying...IT WORKS"!

Obviously religion doesn't produce the desired results and it never has. That isn't its purpose. If you WANTED positive results you'd have chucked the whole thing ages ago. And I don't believe it's true that, "Man would be Man no matter what"...therefore religion at least provides SOME decency to what otherwise would be a brutal thug. Excuse me? Can anyone mention something these human thugs HAVEN'T done...even in the full glow of their religions? We only knew afterwards that the Nazis were doing unspeakable things...things we condemned them for, even going so far as to say at Nuremburg that there is a whole set of behaviors no human bean can receive absolution for by saying, "I was ordered to do it"...not by god and not by Man.

The Nazis "experimented" on people and, happily for them, managed to vent their sadism at the same time. They ran "tests" in which they measured how long humans could go without food or proper much cold and heat they could stand...they even injected them with known pathogens just to "learn" more about the progess of the disease. They too had their favorite lab rats, the Jews, though they weren't choosey about it, taking anyone they designated as, "worth experimenting on" other words, "dispensible"...the "wrong" kind of human.

Their policies were clearly set down in "Mein Kampf", Adolf's little, "How To" book. It was their "policy" to exterminate Jews. They didn't elaborate on how, or whether or not they would experiment on them first...make useful articles from their them to death...or just kill them all.

The United States has its "policy" as well...clearly enunciated by government officials like Madeleine Allbright who said 5000 dead Iraqi/Assyrian ("YOU CAN'T PROVE IT!") children a month was an "acceptable policy". A Nazi would have found nothing wrong with that statement. But how did it happen? How, in a Christian land, do you even think of such policies? It's's easy because Christianity MAKES it easy. Those people, even though many of them are Christian also...are the "wrong" kind of people...even the children are the "wrong" kind of children. Once you identify someone as "wrong"...letting them live is wronger...killing them is the right thing to do...but where oh where do you get the absolution you need to sleep at nights? Christianity, where else? And what's all this sentimental crap about CHILDREN? Children grow up to become "wrong" adults...and what's worse is that if you allow them to, they'll have "wrong families" and beget more troublesome "wrong" sooner or later you'll have to go to the source...children ARE the enemy! This is a vast improvement over and a logical extention of basic Nazi good sense as set forth in Uncle Adolf's little book...and he was a was the Pope who turned over secret Jews to is Bush.

This "soul" business was a happy invention for murderers, or rather they soon learned how to put it to good use. You received your soul from god, but it was constantly in danger of being corrupted by its proximity to the filthy human body which more often than not didn't fit the part of a scared temple but a cut rate whorehouse. Armed with this sort of theology murderers could absolve themselves of any real crime by claiming to be saving your soul...of releasing it from that "foul building" and sending it back to god where it could enjoy eternal cleanliness and boredom. The ignorant savage...the lapsed heathen, the person with the oil concession...all of them could be eliminated and their souls sent back to their heavenly were doing them a favor...REALLY! Christianity only survived because it was a boon for murderers, big-time National Question Murderers...and still is.

We all know that when push comes to shove, government policy trumps religious ideology...had to be that way or Christianity never would have appealed to Constantine. But when the killing is done there is a mechanism by which you can wash up...wash your hands in even more blood, the blood of the innocent lamb, Jesus...and be CLEAN! And that, boys and germs, is the power and the glory and the staying power of these marvellous crashing and burning wrecks...for no matter how many people get killed...the killers can always wash themselves clean and sleep easy in the knowledge that they did the right thing..."for Lo, they have attained abolution". From THAT heavenly murderer there wouldn't be a crime heinous enough for you NOT to get absolution...look what he got away with...and he is DIVINE!

Christianity is firmly set in place for the hide their crimes sure as shit wasn't Incorporated, tax-exempted and given World Headquarters for the sake of the murdered...except insofar as it could ease their slide into death because of a "promise" it held out to them...a little like the teddy bears Jew children were given before taking a shower...a shower of poison gas. Just what use do you have for a stuffed toy DURING a shower? The frightened children were reassured, for a moment...surely the toy meant there would be an "after"? All they had to do was cling to their own toy, keep it dry and safe, and it would be there for hours of much hoped for and needed fun after the shower...only there was no "after". THAT was what the toy was give hope of a time to play the murder would proceed more smoothly. Religion is that nice cuddly thing you can hold onto while your murderers sharpen their axe.

I've been coming at Christianity all wrong. here I thought it was meant to be a beacon pointing to righteous and decent behavior when all along it's been a searchlight ferreting out the next victim hiding huddled in a corner somewhere. Now I understand why it doesn't matter how often the planes crash and's because they're SUPPOSED to crash and burn...because they're meant to present the PROMISE of a safe flight and therefore attract customers...that the planes exist and are so reassuringly presented. The whole point is the dead and dying and the wreckage splattered all over the field...the one plane still fying simply got away...that one plane is the failure.

-- pancho
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