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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, March 10, 2003 at 6:00PM :

I mean a little one...

In this fun little romp through the Ancient Near East I've taken several pot shots at my Jew cousins, their ancient history and their attempts to spiff it up. I hope they won't mind. I haven't bothered to be thorough or exact or even know what I was talking about...after several centuries of people getting what they think they know about Assyrians from the bible, Jew scholars and their spawn...why should I be the first one to have to prove anything? These are my impressions, that's all.

I know I've always tried to be patient and magnanimous in the face of all that people have written and imparted to the world about the ancient Assyrians. I wouldn't accuse anyone of being anti-Assyrian and I'm sure they don't think I'm anti-Jewish. Certainly there has never been a good reason to kill them all, or us, for anything. Assyrians have lain dormant for centuries while Jews were being dragged from pillar to post in Europe. Recently the same Westerners have made up for lost time and missed opportunity by turning their savagery against my people...starting with the same sort of massacre of the innocents they were used to send against my Jew cousins.

Therefore I feel compelled now to stand up and try to be heard. Unfortunately I find us not only surrounded by hostile forces but also betrayed from within by this Christian thing we got from the Jews...who sensibly declined it themselves though they paid a heavy price for it anyway. But we've a paid a price too, a terrible one. We were presented with a choice..."elect to die now as Assyrians...or survive as Christians." No one told us what it would mean to survive as Christians...what kinds of degradation and humiliation we'd suffer...for we didn't buy the Roman Empire brand of Christianity...we took Jesus' own and got just what he did. Had the Jews, in a final fit of envy and frustration, built a Jesus Christ virus to send among us, they could not have produced anything better calculated to finally undo the Assyrians. And see how well it worked; we are grateful for it to this day.

Anyway, to my Jew cousins I'd like to say, "no hard feelings". The things I say about your forbears are no worse than what you have said about mine...with the added advantage, to me, that what I say is true, I am not lying or stretching anything, you's there, written down in your own book...about as damning a testament as one could you'd think people would have suppressed themselves rather than trumpet about and around. What you have said about my ancestors, however, are all palpable lies...but we were ever forgiving and tolerant of you people...we knew you of old and and made allowances for you even then.

If my comments should be construed by you, or anyone else, as "Anti-Jewish" and should you use this excuse to seek to have them removed because they might incite some Christian Westerner to act out all the pent up hatred he never lost for you isn't my concern...that's what you get for relying on Europeans and turning on your fellow Semites. Right now we Assyrians have our own problems and the same machine that churned up your children is at work shredding ours. Our mistake, all of us MidEasterners, has been to try to civilize the White Man. It can't be done because he has no history worth the name to fall back on. He has NEVER been civilized yet and won't be anytime soon...he's just managed to cover his nakedness with cast off bits and rags from us. They sharpenned Christianity to their own vicious and avaricious mind-set and came to our homelands to kill and rob. You have been tricked by the same sort of promises we were into taking the side of the people who tormented you the most throughout your history with the result that you haven't a friend in the world left...that whereas you were always welcome and secure in the MidEast, except for the usual family fights, you are roundly hated there now as well. The European and American only tolerates you, when he has a use for you, especially when he can send you far away to do it. I hope I am wrong...but one thing is for certain, you lost whatever goodwill you had among the Muslim People and if the United States should ever be done with you...where will you go?

You were forlorn enough when we knew you though many of you seemed to benefit from contact with us...but ever since the Europeans sent you to live among them, you've put on airs and gotten above yourselves, though they reminded you often enough of what low esteem they held you in. Not until they really let loose on you and tried to make you feel unwelcome forever did you come back "home"...and even then you did it with the same arrogance and disdain for "darkies" that you'd picked up from the riff-raff and scum you lived among in Europe, not to mention a newly discovered penchant for violence and brutality that you must have been keeping under wraps all those years ago when we used to play together in your homelands.

I am not a European or a Christian. I'm a cousin of yours who appreciates all your good points and can tolerate the rest... in truth Iwould like to learn more of them so I can figure out how to get rid of this "gift" you left with us like some social disease that has sapped our strength and intelligence. Don't take it too hard if some of the things I say carry the sting of truth...and remember, it isn't my fault you've been living among Westerners so long who, nonetheless, seem ready at a moment's notice to pounce on you yet again. You and I both know you don't "Control" anything...that's their ultimate slur against you. Your mistake was ours...we never should have trusted the bastards...we should have stuck together, we still should, along with our Arab brothers and's the only way peace and prosperity, general prosperity that is and not for a few Western puppet thugs, will ever come to that now benighted region. They are using us all...

-- pancho
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