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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 3:08PM :

Consider our predicament. We have talented people, but they have to be acceptable to the "higher" echelon in our community. And just who is that? Is it the published author...the director of a foundation, head of the board somewhere...a college professor, a well known artist or it any one of those? canīt be because we donīt have any of those...and the reason we donīt is intimately tied to who we DO have to fill that rarefied position...we have an enginner or two...a bank teller with attitude, several doctors and dentists and a businessman or two...thatīs it.

In order for our brighter and more innovative and therefore "controversial" bulbs to appeal to these sorts of people...well, they have to just about gut themselves and diminish themselves and remove anything of genius or outstanding ability they might have because it makes these others, "too nervous".

What would you expect weīd have to show but just what Jackie showed you all...three pots to piss in made by Ms Menendez, that famous Assyrian (?) sculptor.

-- pancho
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