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Posted by George from ( on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 10:46PM :

In Reply to: PEACE is the only answer posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 10:20PM :

{I don't want anyone to fight Iraq. Leave Iraq alone.}

The ISraeli and Iraq conflict are two different things. I would more likely believe the UN could solve the Israeli problem had I seen some inforcment on the Iraq issue. The UN is a useless organization. Why else can't it solve the Israeli problem? WHy else won't it step up to the plate now in Iraq? Enforce that resolution now!

{Well, well, it's very "American" of you to dismiss the UN.... and international law. Just throw the baby out with the bathwater.}

WHy shouldn't I, it's doesn't work.

How would you make sure Saddam doesn't get weapons to hurt his people if there were no sanctions? The sanctions against South America worked. Just because the sanctions in cuba didn't work does that mean they would have failed in Iraq?

North Korea is a different story. WHy does the UN not think that Korea is an important place to disarm? Why doesn't china and russia step in to help with the korean problem?

{His invasion of that country is not our business.}

Am I to understand that violating international law is none of our business?

{Do you know how Kuwait was founded?}

It was made by the British - so what?

{The CIA funded Bin Laden then. They admitted it.}

Yes, decisive US support stopped the Russians from taking the country over.

{Perhaps you should ask the UN that question, or perhaps the Russians just aren't that bad.}

The anti war people are the ones who have so much faith in the UN - but what happens when the UN does nothing to live up to its goals?

{We have NO allies unless you count the British...}

Do you deny that there are terror cells in other countries? SHould we just leave them there?

{Most people don't like our presence there.}

Didn't the people in Kuwait want us in Saudi Arabia?

{Ah, in fact that is a lie. You see, the reports and satellite images you saw on the news which supposedly showed "Iraqi forces amassing along Saudi Arabia's border" were forged. This is a documented fact.}

Where can I find a source for this if it is true?

{Perhaps because other countries are too busy helping THEIR OWN POPULATIONS with EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, and FOOD AND SHELTER.}

That's nice. The US tows the UN line while other countries could afford to work on social programs.

The UN is so worried about terrorism from Israel. It worries me that Saddam is killing and torturing his own people - is that not important to you?

Don't you think that Saddam could give a bomb to some terrorist and we would not know who it came from?

{Interesting when we are buddies with someone they get country identification (Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.) but when we are enemies they become our personal acquaintances (i.e. Bin Laden, Saddam, etc.)}

The sword swings both ways. If we should enforce UN resolutions on Israel, why not Iraq too?

{Which begs the question, why are we still referring to North Korea as North Korea and not KIM JONG IL??}


Do you have proof that things are not better for the people in Afghanistan? I mean arn't women able to go to school now? They were hugging the US troops when we came to liberate them. Doesn't that tell you something?

I am not a close minded person so please don't think that talking to me is a waste of time.

-- George
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