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Posted by Alexander from ( on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 0:18AM :

In Reply to: forgot to say posted by Sadie from ? ( on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 11:13PM :

I was just wondering- thanks:)
However, I want to say this...and remember, I am not for him, nor against him, in what I will briefly say. It is just my opinion of what I believe to be the facts.

He is not stupid, and he was not a pawn ever. He might have gone along with some US "ideas" or whatever, but he was always his own mind. He was just using the US just like they were using him. However, he doesn't have the political influence of the US and the UN. He is not arrogant that I can see, but that is just a personality trait anyway. I do think he was not smart in dealing with Kuwait. First, I would not have invaded Kuwait because one could benefit from the friendship of a small country than making them your enemy. Their size could prove greater than originally percieved, even if through allied backing on their part. Second, he should have withdrawn from Kuwait, not because of US "threats." But because it would avoid having the UN incolved. However, I think he has learned from some of his mistakes in the past. We all mature and learn things as we get older. As you can see, he is actively destroying his missiles. I don't like the fact that Iran was involved with Iraq in the war either, but don't forget, Iran is not a peaceful nation itself. And Iran targets civilians as well as military, while Iraq does not. Who do you think was flying unmanned drone planes into Iraq a few years back? Iran, and who sent manned fighter airplanes in to Iraq? Iran, just but not even a few years ago. Iraq fired missiles toward Iran after Iran fired upon bordering Iraqi towns. Did you know about that? The situation is much more complex than meets the eye, as Iraq does not just involve British or US forces and the UN. It is an everchanging environment and everyone has to fight sooner or later, whether defensively or offensively. How do you think Assyrians ever got a nation, through giving flowers to their enemies?:)
It's just the way of life, and we just have to understand it. Zowaa will fight against Iraq, Iraq will fight against Iran, Iran will fight against Afghanistan, Afghanistan will fight against Russia, Russia will fight against Georgian rebel forces, Georgian rebel forces will fight Abkhazians after Georgia secedes from the Soviet Union, Abkhazians will fight Ossetians, who will in turn fight the Georgian State army, who will clash slightly with Armenia's borders, who will fight Azerbaidzan's Nagorno Karabakh conflict for its fellow Armenians by supplying them with military equipment, who will in turn cause Iran to get weary of Azeri troops forming on their border with Azerbaidzan in anticipation of an Armenia-Azerbaidzani war, who will in turn want to control Bahrain, who will in turn want to support the US against Iraq, who will in turn try to keep Europe from uniting, who will in turn try to regain control of the political scene in which we are all engaged whether we like it or not, whether we are directly involved or not. See, it has nothing to do with arrogance or paranoia. It is more complicated than that. We just get tidbits from the media where what's left of the real news trickles down to us, regardless of what country we are in. We don't count in the political
world, for that would be democracy, and you see all the demonstrations in the world, yet little comes from it, and yet Iraq is ruled by a tyrant? By golly, they're all tyrants! I say, get rid of them and let the people rule- but that is unrealistic, then people would serve their own agendas, and voila! It starts all over again. So, if he seems paranoid, maybe 12 years of possible assassination attempts and sanctions on his people and people like Zowaa and KDP and southern separatists vying for control, supported by many countries in Europe and North America and Asia and Africa who are "policing" the nation that he helped out of puppet dominance and into prosperity, whatever arrogance or stupidity he had, and if he made bad choices, well, so did Assyrians for fighting alongside the British, so did Assyrians for joining the Kurds who have always fought them, and joining the US. We all make mistakes, but we also learn from them. I am not biased on any of these issues, and I mention Zowaa and other things only to make my point. I have nothing against them, and I want everyone reading this to know that I see it as the way of life, however unfortunate or unpleasant it may seem, that taking other people's nations over and Zowaa in its political endeavors for its own nation are only a part of life, and it is only expected. I don't dislike Zowaa, I think it is being foolish, but it is just doing what it thinks best for its interests and perhaps the interests for other Assyrians. Don't take what I say the wrong way. I am just expressing the way I see things. I am not a supporter of Saddam, but I am not against him. And although many will think I am crazy or might even agree with me, I am not against the Bush administration. I am not for it either. I do not like its foreign policies. But if I were to be against the Bush administration, then I would have to be against every administration ever to have existed. With all the horrors you hear regarding the US, just wait till you find out the things you didn't know about all of our ancestors, mine and yours. You'd see that the only difference is the way in which people die, that in the end, the soil is the only one to bear the fall of dead bodies. Imagine how many dead bodies have fallen on the soil all over the world, and what the soil could tell us. Imagine that one man's arrogance or paranoia can even come close to the horrors that have befallen mankind. Where do they stand in relation to one another, and are they comparable? If Saddam is not paranoid about being taken over, about having his country go to hell which he has worked so hard to build, and sustain during aggression, and has to move frequently and be weary of assassinations, then by golly, the man has no nerves! If he seems a bit "strange" as some Iraqis say of him, then I think it is only reflective of the "strange" policy of freeing a country that isn't enslaved by bombing it to hell- hmmm..... Well, those were just my thoughts:) Hope I didn't cause any friction:)
Thanks for hearing me out-

-- Alexander
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