Of Blood and Guts

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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-67.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 12:53PM :

So let's compare them ancient Hebrews, the Foreskins of your Christian "lord" with their Old and New Testicles to our Assyrian ancestors, you know...those bloody savages who had the poor taste to get Westeren Civilization out of its National Diapers.

The Hebrews, before Abraham, were contenedly screwing their farm animals, killing their firstborn children, for advantage..."sacrifing"them in order that OTHERS MAY LIVE"...you'll hear that rationale later on...they had no idea what a Yahwe was...what monotheism was, what soap was, they had no Israelites among them and they couldn't unite and they couldn't get enough of killing each other.

Then we throw Abraham and his sick brood out of Mesopotamia and he wanders down to Canaan, discovers Yahwe playing with hisself behind a hot bush in the desert, dusts him off, decides this is just the thing, declares Him to be the best damn lord god there ever was and proceeds to kill all Hebrews who disagree.

Since Canaan was a hellhole where the rainfall is short and pestilence and famine long, them ole Hebrews periodically trek down to Egypt to eke out a living...only one time they get put to serious work by Rameses and Moses has to get them off so they can go back to the place they ran away from all those years back. On the way the Israelites...that's what they are now...those who came out of Egypt that is and descended from the seed of Abraham through Issac and Jacob, still can't manage to leave a cow alone so Moses has to scold them constantly..."Mordechai that's NOT how you milk a cow!" till out of desperation he goes up a mountain to come back with ten rules that were old news in Mesopotamia but struck wonder in them Israelites cause no one ever told them not kill and steal and fornicate before...and they saw no reason not to.

The whole experience does Moses in and he turns them over to Joshua who sets about killing the people who'd settled into the vacant villages, "cause god told him to"...the same one who just got through making a big show out of telling them they shouldn't kill. Joshua, being a tad more decent than your lord, tries to save a few but Yahwe gets pissed, says "I TOLD you...Kill them ALL"...and after enough murder and rape the Israelites have come back to God's favorite abbatoir....that's "slaughterhouse".

Then they divide up the land and the Israelites of the tribe of Judah, who attack and claim Jerusalem, put on airs and declare that their way is best and proceed to kill any Hebrews that still won't agree, including women and children. They get an international empire through by killing each other, then conquer some more sheepshit lands out in the desert, only they misplace this empire in a few years and then can't find their kingdom either, so it's back to killing and hacking each other city to city...tribe by tribe. The only time there's any peace in the land is when the Assyrians march in and separate them and then everyone prospers but you can't keep a Hebrew happy with peace, he wants to go killing his neighbor for the Lord God and eventually the only way to civilize these people is to burn down Jerusalem and take them all away to Mesopotamia from where very few of them ever want to return, except more malcontents who no sooner return than they go to hacking and ripping each other for their Lord until the Romans finally send them away and burn down Jerusalem again.

By then the Hebrews have spawned Christians and pretty soon THEY are going to start killing each other, but not right away cause they're not able to yet...give them time. Some years later the Muslims are woven out of Hebrew cloth so THEY go to killing each other and then other people...and all this killing goes on in the name of the Prince of peace and the God of Love and other palpable lies and sarcasms until 2000 year of murder and mayhem roll on and all three of them are still at it only now they have the weapons to settle this thing once and for all and refer themselves to a higher court where they might settle things, but I doubt it. The roots of their religions lie in murder, child ritual sacrifice, cannibalism and cow fucking...if you start out that way you can't hope for much improvement no matter how badly you need it.

And these are the same people who called the Assyrians "cruel"...and "barbaric"...and "successful"...which was what really pissed them off. You can rest assured that in their bible they've presented us in about the worst light they could. So what was so awful about us? The exaggerations we shared with the Hebrews...everybody had "hosts" and captains over "thousands" and "tens of thousands"...everyone bragged about the number of prisoners and cities they took. But where are the accounts of Assyrians causing rivers of Assyrian blood to flow from one end of Nineveh to the other, as a Jew king is credited with? Where are the centuries of civil war when Assyrians ripped open Assyrian women? Did Joshua not kill men, women, children and animals...only reserving virgins to satisfy his lust...as his god TOLD HIM TO? Where is there an Assyrian account of such a thing? If the Assyrians were shy about addmitting such things, why don't even the Hebrews accuse them? Because the Assyrians never did such things while the Hebrews were PROUD to have done them...and why?...for "their Lord"...that's why. It seems as long as you lay a thing at your god's feet, you're blessed for murder...ghee whiz...everybody ought to have one supreme OberFurher God!

To achieve the paltry "success" at kingdom and empire building they did, the Hebrews never stopped killing. The Assyrians DID stop. They did what was needed, not to create an empire of murder but one of stability and peace. Who ISN'T committing murder these days? But who has created one tenth of what the Assyrians did? The Germans??? AMERICA???

The only "salvation" Christian Assyrians need is to be saved from the infamy and degradation they've learned to wallow in as they bought the ridiculous version of themselves foisted onto them by the same people who "saved" them and "showed them the way".


-- pancho
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