Re: An Alternative to War for Defeating Saddam

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 1:06PM :

In Reply to: Re: An Alternative to War for Defeating Saddam posted by George from ( on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 9:00PM :

: Ya, if we let Saddam get away with violations then can't we just allow the US to do the same?

"WE" aren´t allowing anything. The United States sold that stuff and sells more of it around the world than anyone else...what business do we have coming back and scolding anyone? Since anyone can turn Rogue...we shouldn´t sell ANY of that stuff...unless it´s a sort of Trojan Horse...ready and waiting, sitting inside the arsenals of several countries we can deem unstable and Rogue anytime we want to and go in to "disarm" them.

How much bullshit can you eat at one sitting? It gets embarrassing after a gullible can you be?... and how downright stupid this trumped up fear of Saddam is. he doesn´t scare me at all...nowhere near as much as Bush a poll in Britain more people said Bush was a threat to world peace than Saddam...I mean REALLY!

I suppose the spineless UN and those cowardly Europeans and all those treacherous people around the world who know this is all crap are part of a conspiracy to let loose war and havoc and destrucrion. Who has done more killing and destroying in the last 50 years than the United there MORE democracy as a result...are poeple in poor countries, including the Poor in America any better off...or will you do as the Christians do and say, while they´re gouging out your eye..."it could have been WORSE without Uncle could have lost BOTH eyes"??? Give it a rest.

Get Israel to agree to follow ONE UN resolution then come back and tell us about world peace!

-- pancho
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