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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 2:19PM :

Having just honed my razor sharp eye on them old Hebrews, it´s time to wade through another pile of horse manure. It will come as no surprise that this is Christian horseshit...because we got it from Hebrew cowshit...a whole lot of shit being hauled around back then. This pile comes courtesy of something called an Assyrian Democratic Movement... which is an oxymoron, a moron and just plain stupid...Assyrians haven´t a clue as to what democracy is...as far as they´re concerned "pluralism" means LOTS of people beating you up.

The Assyrians

Historical Background

Most often, there is a tendency in the West to confuse the Assyrian Christians with Arab Syrians.

***And WHAMMO...it doesn´t take long for these guys to put everything in their cuisineart and come up with tabouli. The term "Assyrian Christian" joins together an ethnic idenity with a religious one...first mistake. Then it tosses in an "Arab/Syrian classification...which excludes any sort of religion because Arabs can be Christian and Jewish too...so can Syrians. So we have three ethnic/nationbal terms and one religion named...with another SINISTER one lurking in the bushes.

***Asstians get fucked by their own illogic because they INSIST all residents of the MidEast who are Muslim HAD to come from Arabia with the invading Muslims...that NO one turned Muslim, as they turned Christian, in those lands. This is their pet fantasy because without it they can´t go on to insist that since they are NOT Muslim...therefore they CANNOT be Arab...which means nothing until they claim that ONLY Christians can be Assyrians. They do all of this in order not to get hoisted on their own petard...for if any Muslim in a Muslim country has to be an Arab, regardless...then what do you call a Christian in a Muslim country...a Christian ARAB, of course...unless you want to take the joke to its logical conclusion and declare that Christians MUST be Israelis because their religion came form Israel...

When an Assyrian states to be from Iraq, Syria or Lebanon, he or she is immediately portrayed as an Arab.

***That is partly your own doing. YOU are so determined to make every one of them an Arab...so you can pull your rabbit out of your shorts down the line. They are NOT Arabs...only people born in Arabia are Arabs and not all of them are Muslims. No one portrays them that way except you.

The Middle East and Northern Africa are home to some 150 million Arab Moslems,

***No they aren´t. Arab Molsems are from Arabia and in Arabia. Mongolia and Indonesia and Chicago are not filled with "Arab" Muslims either.

yet Islam was founded in the 7th century AD in the Arabian Peninsula, which includes today’s Saudi Arabia. Later, Islam spread to what we now know as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan and to northern Africa. Before the 7th century, Christians dominated the entire region of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan and for all practical purposes the region was a non-Arab entity.

***For all practical purposes it was and is, a Jewish entity, Christianity I mean. Christianity was no more native to BetNahrain than Islam was...both were imports. Christians only dominated because no one else had as yet stopped by. The Byzantines were lusting after the place and you know what they would have done with heretics such as yourselves. Islam had every right to conquer that region...you can´t hold onto it, you lose it. At Least Islam tolerated you.

Islam was forced upon the population by violent means and by subjecting the non-believers to high taxes.

***No it wasn´t...that is poppycock you guys keep spreading and one these days the simple facts will be common knowledge...then where will you hide? The taxes were not burdensome at all...and it was better than whgt the Christiansd did who just killed everybody and stole everything. When Khalid Ibn Walid had to escape the Christian town his army had captured they RETURNED the money they´d levied from the population to protect them from the murderous Byzantine Christian soldiers. You are telling tall tales and fibs and you will be found out...once the light shines on us...you will have nowhere to spread this horseshit.

Furthermore, since the Moslems were obligated to read the Holy Koran, written only in Arabic, the general population became Arabized in time and forgot the lingua franca of Middle East, namely the Aramaic (Syriac) language.

***More bullshit. The language is still spoken...except in America where they can speak it anyway and any day they like. No one is forcing our youth to forget their dear language...no one is suppressing schools and classes...you idiots just can´t be bothered...all you CAN be bothered with is pissing and moaning about what OTHER people won´t do for YOU.

The Assyrian Ethnic Background and Region

Modern Assyrians are the direct descendents of the ancient Assyrians, the indigenous people of ancient northern Mesopotamia (The land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates).

***I can´t wait till you tell these absurdities to white folk. Are you NUTS! No one was pure or indigenous BACK THEN...and after 3000 years YOU are direct descendants???you are direct descendants of the hemorhhoids on my arse!

This area is now confined to northern Iraq, southeastern Turkey and northeastern Syria. The Assyrians received their name from the name of their first capital city and their supreme god “Ashur”. The Assyrian nation has until today for over 4000 years inhabited this region without interruption.

***Then what are you crying about?

The Assyrian history is the most rooted among the nations in the Middle East, and the Assyrians have had the greatest impact in the development of the western civilization through various aspects of religion, language and science. The historians rightfully refer to the Assyrian lands as “the Crade of Civilications”.

***No one calls it a CRADE.

The Assyrian Language

The Assyrians are a Semitic people who in the third millennia BC developed the foundation of the first empire under the Akkadians. They used the cuneiform writing until the middle of the 8th century BC when they adopted the Aramaic script. The Aramaic language utilized the much simpler alphabet system, a form of writing that complemented the business-minded Assyrian traders. With the coming of Christianity, the Assyrians were among the first nations outside of Palestine to convert to Christianity.

***No they weren´t and no they didn´t ALL and many more of them turned to Islam later...cause once you´re gonna turn...why would you stop?

In Edessa (Urhay), the Assyrians developed a language called “Syriac” early in the first century AD. This language was a mixture of the original Akkadian and later Aramaic. Some 3,000,000 Assyrians worldwide continue to use this language to this day.

The Homeland and Persecution of the Assyrians

The Assyrians have lived from time immemorial in the following regions:

Tur Abdin and Hakkari Mountains in Southeast Turkey.
Urmia plain northwest Iran.
Mosul region northern Iraq.
Jazira region northeastern Syria.
The First World War (1914-1918) was detrimental to the Assyrians. They allied themselves with the British, French and Russian forces against Nazi Germany and Turkey.

***They allied themselves with their Christian co-religionists from the West against their neighbors...this would make them traitors as much as any Japanese or Black in America who, in order to fight for his freedom, "allied" himself with any outside nation at war with America. You betrayed your countries...where your allegience should have been...no matter HOW difficult...if Black South Africans, Japanese and Afro-Americans can be loyal in the face of great provocation and brutal treatment...and work and wait and hope and struggle for better days for all their countrymen...so too could you have done it...except for this idiotic inflated sense of your self-worth as DIRECT decsendants of the Assyrians who want their country back NOW and will commit any crime to get it, so long as someone else does the work...
and as far more "worthy" Christians who can´t stand the idea that their "lord" LOST!

Since the Assyrians were living under the Ottoman Turkish rule at the time, they suffered greatly.

***No they didn´t. ALL Ottomans suffered greatly when the Christian Oily West began eyeing their lands and used religious "persecution" and your frustrated "rights" to get you all to HOPE and take subversive action (Armenians more than the rest). And like the DOPES we still are, we believe that THIS TIME SURELY the Christian West will do right by us...they will, they´ll give you what everyone who uses people too stupid to know it, give them when they´re through with them...who wants that kind of person around...who wants to live on equal terms wirth a "servant".

The Assyrians were subjected to religious genocide through the Turkish government proclamation of "Jihad" or Holly War against the Christian Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks.

***No they weren´t. The Turkish government had every reason to fear the loyalty of religious factions within its borders...as Muslims in America just learned and as the Japanese saw in World War Two...America now knows what it means to come unhinged and fear traitors from within. The Ottomans did terrible things...but terrible things were being prepared for them and they fought to the death...watch America after ONE attack and see how much the babbling idiot it has turned into. You think if a congregation of Muslim countries were openly planning an attack...and were far more powerful...you think Muslims could expect to be SAFE uin America? Are you DAFT?

Two-thirds of the Assyrian population perished during and in the aftermath of WWI in the hands of the Turkish and Kurdish troops.

***If you are caught on the wrong side of a conflict...you will suffer accordingly. World War One...like all Christian wars was about religion on some level..at least religion was used as an opening move. Once that was done...any Christians in Turkey were dead meat...though other Muslims and Turks helped many Assyrians and the Muslims of Iraq took us in...you neglect to mention any of that.

Out of nearly one million Assyrian Christians living in southeast Turkey prior to the Great War, today there exist only some 5,000 Assyrians. The rest of the population was either massacred or forcibly deported to Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon during and after World War I.

***So what? You have any idea how many people have been treated worse...and will be? Why do you strain so hard to get sympathy from people for "your" suffering? Do you hope to turn it to advantage...an advantage you can get no other way but to make yourselves the objects of pity?

In Syria today, the Assyrians live in the Jezireh region, along the Khabor River, and in Damascus, Humus, Hama and Aleppo districts. In Iraq they continue to live mainly in the northern Iraqi provinces of Dohuk, Arbil, Mosul (Nineveh) and Kirkuk. The majority has migrated to Baghdad, looking for better employment opportunities, seeking greater stability. A sizable community continues to live in Urmia and Tehran in Iran and in Beirut and Zahla in Lebanon.

In yet more recent history, the Assyrian Christians were massacred in Iraq in 1933 as they demanded recognition and better treatment under the newly-independent Iraqi state. Some 3000 unarmed old men; women and children were murdered in cold blood by the Iraqi army.

***Any idea how many Native Americans were massacred by the same people you come to with this story? Do you think if they don´t mind 500,000 dead Iraqi Assyrian children TODAY, they´re gonna shed a tear for 1933? The Assyrian Christians taken into Iraq were warned by their own people, my grandfather among them, not to listen againt to British promises and under NO conditions to wear BRITISH UNIFORMS and accept arms and training...and then be used as a Colonial police force to attack their Muslim neighbors...who had just saved their asses and given them shelter. This sort of treachery is what has disgusted Muslims about you Christian Assyrians...you are giving us all a bad name. Try taking up arms and demanding "greater freedom" in the United States and see how many ways you get murdered! Damfools.

The persecution against Assyrian Christians continued when during the 1988 Anfal operation the Iraqi Army destroyed hundreds of Assyrian villages and relocated thousands of its Assyrian citizens. Today, the Iraqi government refuses to recognize the Assyrians as an ethnic group.

***Of course not...not when you jumble ethnicity and religion and nationality together...who do you think you are fooling? There are many many more Muslim Assyrian descendants of the ancient people than there are Christian ones...especially that still live there. Your far greater loyalty to your Jew god and the powerful nations who use him has made you unwelcome in the MidEast because you turn traitors at the drop of a cross.

***You are a RELIGIOUS SECT pretending to be an ethnic one...and you fool NO ONE!

It has embarked on an extensive Arabization campaign and it continues to portray the Assyrians strictly as a religious sect and call them Christian Arabs.

*****They´re just returning the compliment...if you are going to call every Muslim an Arab...then every Christian living in "Arab" lands (that´s what you call them all) is a Christian Arab. You are nothing but a religious sect who can´t hope to ask for a religious enclave, so you´ve picked up on this ASSYRIAN gambit in hopes to make of it a NATIONAL QUESTION!

In north of Iraq, the situation is not any better, the Kurds work diligently to undermine Assyrian rights in north of Iraq and refer to Assyrians as Christian Kurds!

***I´m surprised they want you. Face it...you don´t know what you are ethnically and no one else gives a damn. They take you at your own estimation...you DO only religious things, you live breathe and crap Jesus Christ...forgive them for calling you CHRISTIANS...you haven´t done a thing as Assyrians.

The Assyrian Denominations

Christianity and its various theological schools have influenced the Assyrian life to a great extent. The Assyrian Church had a great missionary history. Assyrian missionaries evangelized throughout Asia. In the 7th century or perhaps earlier, the Assyrian Church reached India, China, Mongolia, and Japan. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church backed by the French, Spanish and Portuguese power, the Assyrians were not supported by a political state and by the middle of the 13th Century their missionary activities ceased to expand. Later Catholic missionaries continued the work left behind by the Assyrian clergies. Today, there remain several large Christian churches in the Indian sub-continent faithful to the old Assyrian Church.

***Take your church...take your missionaries...take your holy beatitudes and shove them up some heifers arse...then assume the missionary position yourselves and do to it what the Jews did to you!

Because of their strong affiliation to their Christian background, misunderstandings and foreign intervention, the Assyrians are often referred to by their Christian denominations. These include:

***WHAT an error!

The Nestorians (a misnomer attributed to Nestorius who lived in the 5th century).
The Jacobites (a misnomer attributed to Jacob who lived in the 6th century).
The Chaldeans (a name used by the Vatican for every Nestorian convert to Catholicism).
Today, the Assyrians, just like other Christians in the Middle East, are struggling to survive among the new movement of Islamic fundamentalism. The helpless Christians continue to flee their ancestral homelands in the Middle East in the midst of the rise of the militant Islamic groups and due to ethnic, cultural and religious persecution. The world community must address this continuous exodus of the Christians from the Middle East carefully before the world realizes that the cradle of Christianity in that region is lost forever.

***That´s all this is....a Christian plea to keep a Christian presence in BetNahrain. Forget it...it was over long ago. That region has been Muslim since 700 AD...over 1300 years. Just because you are fixated on the brief time when Christianity "ruled" those villages, doesn´t mean anything anywhere else. Muslim Assyrians will represent us magnificently in that region, as they have...you Christian ones can go get further Americanized...thereby avoiding the horros of Arabization...hell you´re almost indistinguishable from Rednecks already...go for it!

Assyrian American

Assyrian Democratic Movement, Santa Clara County

-- pancho
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