Noriega Reducks

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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Wednesday, April 09, 2003 at 3:15PM :

All thatīs happened is that America has terminated the employment of just one of its client thugs. When Noriega threatened to expose Bush seniorīs tenure as CIA chief and the amazing ease with which cocaine flooded the American raise funds for illicit operations Congess wouldnīt fund...and didnīt need to know about, like Iran/Contra...Noriega had to go.

But that was okay too cause he was a thug. Where was the UN, or anyone, when the United States simply shot its way into Panama and kidnapped the president of a sovereign nation? Of COURSE he was a thug, wouldnīt have had him on the payroll in the first place if he wasnīt...and so was Saddam and a hundred others on the United Statesīpayroll...that isnīt the point. The point is that you and I and we shouldnīt ask questions...we should just be glad to be "saved" and "liberated" and "Free". Once we act our proper part...they can move against the oneīs the really want...the ones you might not support their actions against without things being made ready first.

Even the Jews of Germany were glad the Nazis were cracking down on "those" kinds of people. The laws in America are being changed...not to get Gypsies and Hippies and Arabs and thugs...YOU and the Constitution are the target...they just canīt start on us and it right off...not from the start.

-- Iraqi Panch
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