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Posted by Ashuriena from ( on Tuesday, April 22, 2003 at 11:56PM :

This information has been reworded by me and all the facts have been gathered from various books about the Assyrian Empire.
The Assyrian Empire was one of the most greatest empires that has stepped onto the sands of this globe. The Assyrians were great mathematicians, scientists, archaeologists, architects, and many other unimaginable things.

The Assyrians were and always will be the Cradle of Civilization for they created almost everything known to mankind. They permitted us to go from cavemen to dignified and venerated mankind. The Assyrians created many things that are to this day still used, such as the alphabet. The Assyrians created the first alphabet, which is similar to the Greek alphabet pronunciation because the Greeks and many other civilizations learned to adopt this great form of communication.

The Assyrian's created the first library known to man and is said to be over 2000 BC years old. It was the library of cuneiform text of the Assyrian King, Ashurbanipal, which contained Hammurabi's Code. (Ashurbanipal's name meant "The God Ashur is the creator of the Son".) Hammurabi's Code is till today still used in the court of law, in this are the decrees which mankind must abide by.

Along with having the most superlative mailing system of that era, the Assyrians also invented the wheel and the the wheeled fortress, which was the ancestor of the modern tank, which is used in modern warfare. The Assyrians had the most superlative mailing system where they used to starve four eagles and weave a sitting area and place each eagle on one side of the weaved sitting area. They used to tie it to one of each of the eagle's legs and make rods with food attached at the end of it to make the eagles fly and move at a quicker pace. They used to send messages quickly this way. They also used to spy on their enemies this way.

The Assyrians developed the highest medical practice of that time, which was very efficient. Assyrian doctors used many types of medicine and performed sophisticated surgery, especially eye surgery. They had the first ambulance service, which was quickly brought in a situation filled with danger.

The Assyrian cartographers (mapmakers) created the sophisticated and accurate system of locating various areas of the globe by establishing the longitude and latitude grid system that we still used today.

After buffalos had died, the Assyrians used to take their hyde and sew it together with the hyde's of other buffalos to create a submarine. They used to carry oxygen with them and go deep under water to spy on their enemies.

After the Egyptians took out the organs of a deceased Egyptian, the Assyrians used to take the organs and study them to endeavor to make medicine's and to learn of the human body.

Carbon 14, Nitrogen 14, and Radioactive Dating, all of these were discovered by the Assyrians. The Assyrians knew that once an individual was deceased, no more carbon would be absorbed and the organism begins to decrease and reverts to nitrogen. After discovering the half-life curve of Carbon 14, the Assyrians made it possible to discover the approximate date at which the organism died.

A creation for mathematics is something that Assyrians assisted in doing. They created standard deviation, which is when a set of data is taken and the average for it is found. Then the average is subtracted from each of the original numbers. The answers are squared and the mean of them is found once more. After the mean is found, it is square-rooted.

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