Another unedited poem...worse by the minute

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Posted by Warrior Empress from ( on Wednesday, April 23, 2003 at 3:35PM :

In your eyes two streaming rivers,
In your warmth the blazing sun,
In your veins the blood of a nation,
In your whispers the unity of one.

Oh! And how I long to kiss those trembling lips,
How I yearn to feel the beat of that heart,
How I adore to admire the flawless beauty,
How I rejoice to fuse what was rendered apart.

In HIS eyes dollar signs a-gleaming!
In HIS heart the rape and pillage of his mother's son,
In HIS veins the oil of my nation,
In HIS cries the war has begun.

Oh! And how I long to mutter those deafening screams,
How I yearn to rip out the stone cold heart,
How I loathe to set eyes upon the invading disease,
How I despise to succumb from the very start.

Am I destined to stand here,
Cold, naked and alone?
Am I destined to crumble,
Like the ancient statues of stone?
Am I ordained and fated to search for an eternity,
For a long lost dream called home?

I ask thee….

-- Warrior Empress
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