The Hearing That Wasn't

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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ? ( on Wednesday, April 23, 2003 at 4:31PM :

Shit! Here I thought this ninety day period was it. Turns out they gave me the 90 days to find my OWN mediator or arbitrator. But now the court will pick one and we'll go through this all over again.

The point of arbitration is to tell both sides what their chances will be at trial. The arbitrator will tell Jackie whether she might win, and how much she won't be getting from me. I, on the famous other hand, am supposed to hear that I'll lose...and can make whatever deal the Cuntess of Slime deems appropriate.

In our case...I could snore through the arbitration hearing. Shawn and Jackie have to convince the arbitrator that they a. have a case...b. should win the case and c...she isn't diddling him. If they do manage it then the arbitrator will try to convince me I had better cut a deal.

As I've said all along...I want a trial...I want to get Jackie to have to face some adults for a change. I want all of this stuff on the public record cause once it is...I can't be sued for putting it on the internet.

I'm playing their game by their rules. the reason I can do that is because they can't get anything from me. Otherwise I would play MY game...but the point is to show them that their game won't work either...not where an artist is concerned...not one who is broke anyway.

I'll wait the whole thing through...go to arbitration...go to trial and abide by the the United States. That leaves the whole world and I don't live in America and if I could never go there again because Jackie will be stalking me...big loss.

The Arts are powerful, a lot more powerful than courts have ever been. My point to these pointy headed Assrins is that it can work for you or agin' you. I could have blasted Turks and others with Art, instead I'll blast Assrins...makes no difference to me, they are BOTH a problem...Assrins more so because they are with us yet and of us. The Turks, longer pose a threat...except insofar as the United States unleashes Extremism and then we'll pay through the big nose.

When all this dust settles and I have lost and all sorts of maledictions and dire consequences have been set...I'll simply take it to another level and we'll start again. Whatever it takes...Jackie will NEVER be free from hearing just what she did and just what she is.

Nothing personal...just business.

-- Iraqi Panch
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