Re: Assyrian Genocide of 1915 by the Turkish Gov.

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Posted by Ashuriena from ( on Friday, April 25, 2003 at 9:27PM :

In Reply to: Re: Assyrian Genocide of 1915 by the Turkish Gov. posted by Iraqi Panch from ? ( on Friday, April 25, 2003 at 7:31PM :

We ARE fighting, we're fighting to stay alive. There aren't many Muslim/Jewish/Buddhist Assyrians. The majority of us Assyrians are Christians. Those that used to run the country were not at all Assyrians. That's very degrading. Moreover, it is not only the Christian Assyrians that talk the most about being Assyrian. Assyrians of various religious backgrounds speak of the Assyrians. By the way, I am not thought of to be a "Christian". I am merely a follower of Alaha Ashur as my God. I see what you are saying. There are NO place(s) of gatherings for the Assyrian people besides churches. I totally agree with you on that one. It enrages me to see that we only build churches and not Schools, Youth Gathering Centers, or anything of that sort. If you have ever read anything I have written on Zinda Magazine, you would know that I have gotten extremely infuriated at times because no schools are being built in America. No, the people who fought for us and were killed were martyrs. They did not just fight because they were Christian (although that was the main reason of the slaughtering of the Assyrians), they fought because they were Assyrians too. I never once in my post imply or state that the Muslims killed in Iraq were "terrorists". Furthermore, a positive side to Assyrianism is placing religion second in life. Once religion is placed second, unity is at hand because we will not marry out of race because both partners happen to be "Christian" or whatever religion they are. Marriage will be within our race, unity will be at-hand. FIGHTING will not be a problem (since Christianity goes against fighting and killing). Because Christianity contradicts Nationalism, in this case, Assyrianism, then if Assyrianism prevails and overcomes religion, a new hope shall rise. That will be the only time an Assyria can be attained. If you choose to believe that we shall never have Assyria, then my fellow Assyrian, cynicism is the problem that won't help in its accomplishment.

Yours in Assyrianism,


: : I understand what you're saying; however, not everyone has forgotten our martyrs. Just because our "leaders" have, that does not mean that we have. I, for one, will never ever forget our martyrs. I don't deem the individuals you listed as our "leaders" or anything similar to that. Our real leaders are in Iraq fighting for our eetoota. If they forget, that just shows that they are not real Assyrians. Also, just because you've seen some horrible things from people's so-called "Assyrianism", that does not mean that no one else has pure Assyrianism.

: +++I don't believe we are fighting for anything in Iraq...I believe we are hiding, praying and trying to get along...the Christians that is...I don't hold to the quaint idea that all Assyrians HAVE to be Christian...or HAVE to do anything. There are more Muslim Assyrians and babylonians and Sumerians in Iraq than there are Christian ones...and they run the country, or did.

: +++You are merely focusing on the Christian ones,...and why? Because they are the ones who TALK the most about being odd sort distinction when we and they do absolutely nothing about being Assyrian.

: +++Fine, go to a church once a week...but where is there an Assyrian building...or function, you can go to once a week...and I don't mean to shake our asses in either.

: +++besides...and this is tiring...the people who were killed are NOT MARTYRS. I find it degrading and humiliating, two things we seem to call every Christian Assyrian killeda "martyr". The word has a specific meaning and to bandy it about only underscoresd what miserable wretches we have become..."pity us PLEASE"!

: +++How about all the Muslims killed in Iraq...what were they, "terrorists"?

: +++Show me a positive side to Assyrianism and I'll be your's.

-- Ashuriena
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