2 songs by the Indigo Girls

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Posted by Sadie from D006052.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Saturday, April 26, 2003 at 10:40PM :

Reminiscing about high school again...

"Hammer and a Nail"
by Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls)

Clearing webs from the hovel
A blistered hand on the handle of a shovel
I've been digging too deep, I always do.
I see my face on the surface
I look a lot like Narcissus
A dark abyss of an emptiness
Standing on the edge of a drowning blue.

I look behind my ears for the green
Even my sweat smells clean
Glare off the white hurts my eyes.
Gotta get out of bed get a hammer and a nail
Learn how to use my hands, not just my head
I think myself into jail
Now I know a refuge never grows
From a chin in a hand in a thoughtful pose
Gotta tend the earth if you want a rose.

I had a lot of good intentions
Sit around for fifty years and then collect a pension,
Started seeing the road to hell and just where it starts.
But my life is more than a vision
The sweetest part is acting after making a decision
I started seeing the whole as a sum of its parts.

My life is part of the global life
I'd found myself becoming more immobile
When I'd think a little girl in the world can't do anything.
A distant nation my community
A street person my responsibility
If I have a care in the world I have a gift to bring.

"Welcome me"
by Amy Ray

Welcome me to the city of angels.
devil prophets still hold my hand.
I walked your stillborn streets for hours,
ethnic echoes spitting out their trials.

I'll be the first to praise the sun,
The first to praise the moon,
The first to hold the lone coyote,
The last to set it free.

Welcome me to a haven given,
it's well received into my open arms.
I ran in my sleep through shaking tremors,
I had the splitting earth echoing in my ears.

Welcome me to your city of angels,
there's a devil monkey laying on our backs.
Where's the heart, where's the bullet for breaking?
Who's gonna give me a weapon, a pacifying weapon?

-- Sadie
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