Free Speech In Iraq

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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Monday, April 28, 2003 at 7:36PM :

Now we in America appreciate correct speech more than free speech. Teachers have been fired for wearing peace signs on T shirts...a man is arrested for wearing a shirt with, "Give Peace A Chance" written on it...schoolchildren are sent home for asking, "Who would Jesus Bomb". This didn't happen in the old Soviet Union or in Singapore or in is happening all across America...the more "American", the more repressive. I guess we want to become the kind of place NO ONE will envy us for living in. THAT will make us secure at last.

But in Iraq we understand the value of Free Speech. The new Minister of Free Speech, Howdy Chalabi, is having thousands of T shirts printed up with "bold"..."forthright"..."provocative"..."challenging"..."FREE" messages to show the world what we were talking about all along. Under the new Iraq people will finally be able to express their deepest sentiments...things kept bottled up for so, so long.

Here are some samples....

1. Shiites Eat Shiit!

2. Shove a Cross Up Jesus!

3. Muhammad Sucks!

4. Kurds are Turds

5. Turks Eat Sweet Mucous

We in America know what's what. Peace T shirts disturb the fiery air we breathe...let's encourage the poor...,the "new" Iraqis...

-- Iraqi Panch
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