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Posted by Alexander from ( on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 at 0:06AM :

In Reply to: Re: [cnn] Fred Parhad reportedly seen in church! posted by Ashuriena from dialup- ( on Monday, April 28, 2003 at 9:22PM :

You mean to tell me Sargon Bet Sargis was not really Fred Parhad's lookalike when I say him at the church?!? And that when Fred Parhad was entering the limousine, it was really someone else?!?! But I could have SWORN I had talked to a few of Fred Parhad's lookalikes...

Ah, I see, the post you posted earlier was really a coverup to conceal Fred Parhad's true identity... Gotcha;)... Oh, so I won't mention all the top secret stuff about Fred working for the Chaldean News Agency, working under Ghassan and others. We'll keep that and things like Fred working for the Hanna Hajjar hushed up as well, so Fred can maintain his rebel image:) Just joking guys, I don't need Andreas or Peter Bet Basoo to read into this and ask me to further "define" what I am saying. LOL. Read Peter's response to my posting on AINA sometime, he read into something that had no significance at all, and also, I thought some "Robert Oshana" there was someone else by the same name, whom I had a few conversations with in the past, via email. It is quite funny really...:) Poor guys must have been wondering..." Who is this weirdo going by the name Alexander asking me how I am doing out of the blue??" LOL.


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