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Posted by Elizabeth from wc07.ym.rnc.net.cable.rogers.com ( on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 at 5:58AM :

Call me an Assyrian , Call me a Chaldean , call me anything you please


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Written by Omtha Kabieera on 29 Apr 2003 07:16:11:

Call me an Assyrian
Call me a Chaldean
Call me Chaldo Assyrian, Soryoyo, Syriac, Aramaic, Aramoyo, Atoraya or Turyoyo, or anything else which I may have forgotten, as long as you do not call me an Arab, a Kurd, or a Turkeman. Regardless of what name you call me, I am still the same son of Betnahrain, whom speaks and prays in SOURATH no matter where I live. If I was not born there, my father was. If not my father, then my grandfather or even my great grandfather. Regardless of place of my birth, I take pride in knowing that I am the decadent of Ashour, Sargon, Hammurabi and Nebukhednasser.

My home is Nineveh and Babylon north to south of what is called Iraq. My land was taken, my home demolished, my parents murdered, my brother was slaughtered and my sister kidnape! d. My heart and soul still bleeds everyday I wake up thinking of them. Today I ponder on what can I do to rebuild the house of my father and father's father and the house that Sargon, Ashur and Hammurabi left for me as my inheritance. A house upon the ruins of the land which was plundered, destroyed, bombed and taken away from me by force of many invaders. The house upon a land which the name of the town and streets which I was to inherit, are even changed and occupied by some of the same people that committed the crimes against my family. I want to get all that which is rightfully mine so that I can build my house on the land which I so cherish. The land which was left for me and my family by my ancestor to keep. I want to live in peace with all my neighbors, as a free man raising my children, teaching them the language of my forefathers. Praying freely in any church of their choosing, yet worshipping the same God.
Oh, the beloved, sons of Ashour, Chaldo, Aram, ! Soryoyo, Toryoyo, Aramayo or whatever other names you chose to call yo urselves, isn't this the same dream which we can all share and pass on to our future generations?

David Oraha

Toronto , Canada

-- Elizabeth
-- signature .

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