Thanks,now I know what's "burying a joke&quo

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Posted by Andreas from ( on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 at 10:48AM :

In Reply to: Re: What is a "joke" ? posted by Alexander from ( on Monday, April 28, 2003 at 11:58PM :

: Hello Saide, no, it was actually a typo. I've had some more unpleasant conversations recently, so am a little more defensive when it comes to posts wright now. However, I think Andreas might have been trying to be humorous himself- although I originally had the impression that his post was a direct attack for some reason, I think because he asked the seemingly absurd question asking me to define joke. In this, I read that he has some ulterior basis for this question, and presume the reason he does not directly confront me with it is because he is in a sense "directing an attack", that is, in cyber-text bytes:), in regard to my earlier posting. It is nothing really, and especially if he was only "joking." If however, he is trying to convey some ulterior meaning to me through the sentence he posted as a response, I would be curious to know what it is. It is only the impression that I got from his response, and I hope I have not read into it too much, just that there isn't any other reason I can think of for someone to put forth the question of defining a joke. Obviously, we all know more or less what a joke is, and perhaps he is simply trying to figure something out- but unless he elaborates on the vague response he posted, I cannot figure out what it is he is interested in discussing. Well, by now you are falling asleep and wishing you had not responded to my post because you now feel like you have just finished reading a novel that was really boring:).....And by the way, you are funny. Sometimes you read into things too much too:) It's a good thing though, always on your toes, and on the alert:)

: And yes, the earlier typos on this post were intended as humor, so this time I did do it unporpoise.:)

: : xxx Sorry to interrupt. : ) But were you trying to write in broken English so Andreas would understand you better?... Just kidding.... I like boht yu. : )

+++ Thanks.
Now I know what's "burying a joke", at least ...

+++ Do you really want me to spell out the "mechanics" (as US Ummicans would say) of my mini-mini-mini-joke ... and possibly also the semantics of my message I let fly on its wings ?

-- Andreas
-- signature .

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