On Being A Grat Artist

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Posted by Iraqi Pan from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 6:36PM :

I am not.

All I ever said was that I was, "good enough". I was good enough to make Assyrian monuments and get them approved by the authorities of major American...and other, cities...and get themn installed. I said I thought it would be a good way to begin to lay the groundwork for the long, arduous task ahead of us of rousing American public sentiment in our favor.

People of the Mideast and simpletons such as JizzBooHoo and Firas and Aprim donīt realize how important perceptions are to Americans...how much Public Relations counts...how important movies...TV shows...books and comic books are in forming the American publicīs mind. They think because they, "state the facts" that nothing else matters.

Guess again. The United States...the democratic United States...the law abiding United States that admonishes everyone in the world...just completed a long, slow campaign of torture and terror in which they murdered over a half million innocent children...many of them born into bewliderment to die in pain.

They did their homework first and well... said someone named Saddam did it, all on his own...just because, "thatīs the kind of guy he is". They even got away with calling Islam an "evil" religion...something Luis Farakhan had to immediately apologize for when he used the same word to describe Judaism.

They accomplish all of this by first sowing the seed...long before anyone can figure out what they are up to...they do it in ways you canīt quite object to until itīs too late. How did the United States get away with killing one third as many children as the Nazis did? PUBLIC RELATIONS...baby...thatīs how.

I was definitely good enough to help lay the groundwork...there was no need for me to be great.

-- Iraqi Pan
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