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Posted by Iraqi Pan from ( on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 6:45PM :

Israel controls is America´s dog, doing its master´s bidding. The thing about Jews controlling everything is being cynnically manipulated by the Christian folk...AGAIN.

The Israeli government does not want...has never wanted and will not for a long long time want Peace in the MidEast.

The United States does not want peace in the MidEast...forget aboput human rights and Geneva conventions and "accidental and collateral damage". Every indignity, every senseless killing, every humilation and injustice perpetrated against the most innocent...children the order of the day.

Only trhough constant turmoil and abuse can "suicide bombers" and other aggressive "enemies" be dredged up to scare the American public with. Stow your "outrage"...get used to being outraged and learning to live with it... of getting "closure" and, "moving on".

And please...Muslims of the world...give it up alright already...stop sending up well meaning and sincere spokespeople who speak barbarous English in growling gutturals that sound like nothing more than machine guns firing...up against American and Israeli spokespeople who speak perfect to good lose the minute the people open their mouths. It doesn´t matter how SINCERE or RIGHT you might be...Mr and Mrs America have been conditioned to react to THAT VOICE...fer Muhammad´s sake...HIRE A JEW PR FIRM!!!

-- Iraqi Pan
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