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Posted by farid from ( on Saturday, July 05, 2003 at 10:41PM :

In Reply to: Chance Reynolds posted by Chance Catcher from ( on Saturday, July 05, 2003 at 5:29PM :

: I know where he is.........

***I have mixed feelings about turning him in...always did, until he tried to trample me and got his friends to say I fell off my horse all by myself. I really do believe heīs more trouble to his family than heīs worth...heīs done nothing but fuck their lives up. And then thereīs the fact that heīs going to continue robbing people and lying to people.

I can say itīs their tough it was mine...but it seems one has an obligation to Decency to stop the fucker. I keep hoping theyīre so hemmed in and paranoid, what with the few friends and supporters they have left, heīll be real careful not to screw those people at least.

They have themselves trapped between the United States and Guatemala...wanted in both places. I didnīt want to turn the bastard in...but the cool way they felt justified in cheating me pissed me off...but even then all it made me do was wonder if his story could be true...I mean if I was wanted all over the place the last thing Iīd do is piss someone like me off that badly...when there was really no need. All I asked was that he give us two of the seven saddles I bought them and let us just use two of the horses...from the ones kept on my own fucking land. That was too much for him.

And thatīs what makes me think heīs indeed dangerous...that and the things Interpol told us...things I canīt get the Marshalls to put into the drugs in Guatemala and the guns, cause they havenīt charged him yet, if they even can.

There has to be a good reason the Mexican FBI...AFI, kicked in their doors and shot their dog. They donīt do that kind of thing everyday...and only if something serious is involved. After all...and as his friends still say, he ONLY stole from banks in the US...and thatīs not a crime in Mexico and one in Guatemala. Interpol may have completed their investigation and whatever they found justified the drastic step they took...I mean I drove down and SAW those guys...a more scary bunch of people I never saw...and Iīve been to Assyrian conventions in Modesto!

As Jay said...heīll always be pissing somebody off and theyīll have to pack and run in the night for the rest of their lives. Maybe heīs in prison already...itīs just those innocent people whoīll trust and want to help...thatīs the part that makes me uneasy.

Do what you will.

-- farid
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