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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, July 08, 2003 at 1:00PM :

In Reply to: Re: Humanity is to apply it to all and not select posted by Nineve from ( on Monday, July 07, 2003 at 6:29PM :

: What doesn't make sense is that we wanted to see this enthusiasm coming from people when it was the other way around and a regime was playing russian roulette with the lives of those who were opposed to it, just like now some arabs are being harrassed cause they belong to a specific religion or race.

+++When exactly are you talking about? In what country in the world is a minority NOT being persecuted? Be specific. This is also not a question of Arabs being intimidated within a non-Arab country...this is an all out war, albeit a new kind, against Islam...PERIOD!

: I'm wodering why then all these "peace-loving" people were silent???

: Why didn't they move when Christians in Lebanon for example (who are considered by many to be Arabs) why when they were attacked,kidnapped and killed then it was called "civil war" and no one of these "peace-loving" organizations opened a mouth or went out on a protest !!!

+++++That's easy...for the same reason you wouldn't have heard about Assyrians being killed by Israelis. The attack on Lebanaon by Israel was another unique example of this new way of fighting wars by proxy. No one got much attention Palestinians are treated the way Jews used to be.

: This is what i'm talking about the double standard and in that it's those same organizations who are descriminating,if they were not they would have defended those who are in Pakistan and who are Christians and who are attacked every day because they don't agree with the religion of the majority or those who are in Sudan or in Indonesia and so on and so forth...

+++They aren't being attacked anywhere simply for being Christian...why the hell would anyone do that...especially Muslims who of the three sisters from hell are enjoyned to respect the People of The Book. Christians are first of all persecuted by the ignorant the one in America that insults and abuses any Muslim...or anyone who looks like or sounds like a Muslim...that kind of person would be abusing people no matter. The other reason is because of the dismal track record Christians have of betraying their fellow countrymen because they've never been able to tolerate seeing their precious un-Orthodox Jew, Jesus, take a back seat to that other reformed Jew, Muhammad.

: This is the differece there are millions of people who are victims of the world's sleeping conscience so let them start with that as well or they can't open their mouths except in the States ???

+++That's true...and right now the ones suffering the most are the Muslims of the MidEast...and they have been for some time now. One third as many children were killed in Iraq...and not by Saddam, than were murdered during the Holocaust...alco brought to you by Christians. For a religion that has been and continues to be as murderous as Christianity...I'd say Christians have precious little to complain of when someone finally manages to grab a hold of one of THEM. one should be persecuted...PERIOD.

-- farid
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