Persecution Complex Of Christian Assyrians

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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, July 08, 2003 at 1:10PM :

That's an important qualifier...the Christian part. If you read about the St. Bartholemew's Day massacre in France and are only told that 10,000 French men, women and children were brutally killed in a 24 hour period, you'd naturally assume that someone had it out for the French. That is you would until you found out their murderers were also French...and then you'd puzzle about THAT till someone told you it was a religious squabble with one set of French Christians, believing Christ parted his hair on the left, rising up and slaughtering their friends, neighbors and family members of the opposition who believed He parted it in the middle. Then it would make perfect sense. It was a religious tiff, naturally. For what other reason would anyone take it into their heads to kill that many French people in just one 24 hour period, something no army could have done back then and with no war declared anywhere?

Let's take the Christian Assyrian community in Phoenix. The one assiduously rasing five million to build a reformed synagogue...okay, a church. Let's assume the entire congregation came from Iraq where they had suffered oppression and persecution for years (with no one on this forum doing anything about it). And, further, let's take them all at their word and believe they were abused and maltreated because they were Assyrians. So...they land in Phoenix and in relief and a tremendous release of their frustrated and pent-up Assyrian feelings they set about to build a what? An Assyrian school? An Assyrian cultural center? An Assyrian concert hall? An Assyrian museum? An Assyrian Art Gallery? None of the above...the thing they bend all their energies towards is the establishment of an Assyrian Church, only that's misleading too...there is no "Assyrian" religion any longer but a Jewish knock-off called Christianity...the worship of a Jew Messsiah who had Jew parents, Jew siblings, Jew friends, Jew teachers, Jew apostles, a Jew girl friend, was born in a Jew city and lived and died among Jews...who said himself he came to fulfill the Mosaic law and who's "father" was Yahwe...that Jew tribal dessert god with the godawful table manners.

If an Assyrian buys a Mercedes does it stand to reason therefore to call it an Assyrian car? If he buys a Jew religion does it become an Assyrian religion? If a Jew becomes a Buddhist does that make Buddhism Hebrew? The person who converts, changes over...he or she doesn't change the religion. And to speak Assyrian in the liturgy no more transforms the religion magically into an Assyrian one than does yelling..."look what I can't afford" in Assyrian make the Mercedes an Assyrian car.

Ye shall know them by the fruits of their looms...and Assyrian Christians don't labor at being Assyrian...they don't build Assyrian...they don't preach Assyrian and they sure as hell weren't persecuted for being Assyrian. let's stop playing this shell game. Every time an Assyrian rages about his or her Christianity and gets clobbered for it...he runs crying, "they hit me because I'm Assyrian". Let them once practise their Assyrianism and see if anyone creams them. Hell in Iraq you could have gone to school and studied about Assyrians all you wanted could have gotten degrees that included study of Assyrian history and become curator of Danny George did, even if you were Christian. What you had to be careful abut was using the, I-am-a-direct-descendant-of-Ashurbanipal-and-like-all-legitimite -desecendants-of-the-Assyrians-I-AM-CHRISTIAN...followed by, "give me your house cause the Assyrians were here before the Arabs" get what you didn't deserve in any way shape or form. This has been one tremendous con job and just because we were taught to believe it doesn't mean we fooled anyone else...and the proof is in the Churches we build when we leave ...which underlines clearly what the real issue was all along...we couldn't pracise our Jew-based religion "freely" and couldn't wait to get to a Christian country...that and the fact that we don't do and never have done, a single goddamned Assyrian thing in our lives...monument anyone?

If you are claiming to be descended from the Assyrians how the hell do you know any of them would have wanted to become Christian...and what does it matter which religion they chose when they ALL forsook Ashur? This, we-are-persecuted-because-we-are-Assyrian is a dodge the church taught its separate them from the dreaded Muslims and deflect them from seeing the real cause of their lowly status, the friggin religion again. But Islam must have had its appeal because the majority of the people of Bet Nahrain are Muslim. The persecution Christian Assyrians suffered has nothing to do with their claim to being descended from the ancient Assyrians...they share that with any number of their fellows throughout the has everything to do with their religious preference...and not even exclusively has, ultimately to do with the low level of intelligence and culture of those Christians raised by their village idiot priests whose minds are twisted into the belief that they and only they are REAL Assyrians...from which follows the quaint notion that the land belongs to them by right of emminant domain. And, if this claim isn't honored, the damfools are ripe to be used by Western Christian powers who sing them a lullaby about how, as co-religionists, they will "do" something for them..."So open the gates". Who else but a confirmed idiot would believe anything the Christian West had to say about "helping" anyone???

Why is there a direct relationship between a person's low level of intellect and the fervency of his or her belief that he or she is a "real" the sillier and less educated they are, the more determinedly passionate they are in this conviction...and yet when the opportunity arrives and they are free at last to BE Assyrian...all they can come up with is a church and meatballs.

note: To Alexander D...this sort of writing will get you banned at every Assrin forum on earth. That's why we don't ban anyone...not even "him". We count on people to ban themselves...ahem.

-- farid
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