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Posted by StarDrifter from ( on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 at 11:49PM :

In Reply to: I heard it on NPR... posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 at 10:23PM :


That's an interesting question, but it is probably one that we will never be able to supply an answer to. Even if he didn't realize it himself, however, the truth can never be erased from the collective consciousness of the human race. Somewhere in the deeper recesses of the psyche perhaps a trigger was pulled, if not by his own will, then perhaps the laws of human economy dictated that our inhumanity to our fellow-man has a built-in process for retribution. Some may call it Karma or by another name. It is strange though, when you look at the larger picture, that no force on earth, however righteous they believe they are, can mete out its form of justice to others, without feeling its effects somewhere in their own social body.


: I was listening to the news and apparently a worker at Lockheed Martin, the largest weapons manufacturer in the world, went crazy and shot his coworkers at random. Afterwards he killed himself.

: Nobody could figure out the motive. They haven't a clue as to why he did it.

: You suppose maybe he realized that he was one of the reasons that 2 million Iraqi children died?

: Can they remain guiltless forever?

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