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Posted by Nineve from ( on Saturday, July 12, 2003 at 8:22PM :

In Reply to: Re: I'm not going to the convention this year posted by Esarhaddon from ( on Saturday, July 12, 2003 at 1:56PM :

Since B.S. doesn't agree with me...I tend to agree with you all on this matter.
For so many years now these conventions aren't bringing any benefit to our people and the purpose they were commissioned for has been lost.

: Thats the down payment for a motorcycle.

: These aren't the first and last Assyrian profiteers that don't give a shit for our people (majority poor-live paycheck to paycheck)interests. These people have no respect for those Assyrians who can't afford these extravegance life style.

: This pseduo-Assyrianism is only applicable to those people that either have or could borrow money from somewhere to pay the three days extravegance life style in this convention.

: .............................................

: : Sorry guys...

: : Money is tight enough as it is. I WAS going to shell out hundreds for a few days at a hotel, but I just went to the damn convention web site and they are charging $100... in fees... just to register! And that's before July 31. Afterwards it is more!

: : Fuck THAT!

-- Nineve
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