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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, July 17, 2003 at 12:25PM :

Thank god thereīs a place these people can actually write this down...makes my job so much easier.

In this rambling, rumbling, disjointed piece of gobbledygoop you can find so many of the straining strains that run through this Christian Phalangist movement called "Assria".

Assyrian Forum


Date: Thursday, 17 July 2003, at 5:34 a.m.


Dear Fred,

(Aprim denies writing mean he has STANDARDS???)

You know that I highly respect your opinion; but in this special instance I disagree with you for the following reasons:

First of all how it could be justify that a hand-full of so-called Assyrian leaders club together and decide to adulterate a Nation's Name "A Historical Name "Assyria" to a fabricated Name of no any connection to a nation. "Chaldean-being a religious denomination" to be attached to the glorious Name of Assyria and be made an official Name of a Nation that shall be called Chaldean-Assyrian Christians of Iraq!

***You could as easily ask how any of you dare to call yourself Assyrian when all you are is a passle of Christians terrified of being lumped in with them dread A-rabs you so loathe.

The question arises: Aren't these the same group of self imposed-leaders who initiated the application of the SLASHES in the 1990s' and denied it publicly that they were the supporters?

***And isnīt Aprim a "self-imposed" Assyrian as well as a "self-willed" historian AND author? Arenīt you ALL playing office anyway...having no proof, not ONE document, that PROVES you are Assyrians...especially when you all behave like ill mannered Hottentots anyway? Why NOT Assyrio-Chaldu-Americo-Europeo...why not...when you go so far as to even imagine youīre Assyrian. How dare you all!

And now, the same group quitely and in a tactful manner announced to the world's Surprise that a change of the Historic Name "Assyria" has been decided to be re-named to an adulterated Name:" Chaldean-Assyrian Christians of Iraq"! What a shame, playing to the hands of our enemies; which ultimately leads to the third and final stage of demising the glorious Name "Assyria".

***"Christians" have lots of enemies...and all of them well deserved too. Assyrians have one has bothered us for being Assyrians...who you trying to kid? We are our worst and our ONLY enemies.

If you read your Bible you will understand that no one should alter the name "ASSYRIA" You shall be answerable to the Higher Authority"

***Fuck you and your goddamn Jew history book you think any Jew runs to Assyrian historical documents to verify him or egregious ass?

This question is posed to the WORLD and all those self-imposed leaders that were involved and conspired to make a change of a nation's name without a public referendum? Obviously, you knew that it would have been rejected right away.

***Try a public rectum instead. The "world???" silly you actually think youīve found an "issue" that will get you the "worldīs" notice?

Revering to Mr. Yonadam Kanna, There is no doubt that with his background and experience, he is highly qualified to become one of the twenty five members of the interim National Council of Iraq.

***In whose self-imposed mind...yours?

But the wrong done by Mr. Kanna: is his willingness to accept to be the representative of the Iraqi Christians. He must have insisted that he will stand as the representative of the Assyrians, for which he was committed to do; he did not!

****Because he has to deal in the REAL world...not aina...and in the world you canīt make this preposterous claim without being challenged...and we already know what you people do when challenged.

Secondly; if Mr. Kanna is to be representing the Chaldean-Assyrian Christians of Iraq, then what happens to the Syriac, Orthodox, Syrian Catholic, Armenians, and the rest of the other denominations?

***Throw them in the river? There are lots to choose from. In fact...why donīt all Christian move to Christia and leave "Assyria" alone.

Thirdly; God forbid, if Mr. Kanna dies tomorrow, who will qualify to fill that seat and under what title? Obviously, it would be the turn of the Chaleans to fill that seat. And guess how quickly the Assyrian Name will disappear, and then let the group come to its rescue!

***What rescue?...what ANYTHING have you people done for an Assyrian identity in 100 years anyway that you come huffing and puffing about Chaldeans...who learned early on the importance of engaging the world and besting it wherever they could...including you dumb shmucks all of you hailing from a one-jackass village somewhere in the Appalachians where your one village-idiot priests "educated" you. Be grateful the Chaldeans know their head from your asshole! In fact., was the ASSYRIAN midget Atour Golani who screwed the Hammurabi...NOT his Chaldean wife ...who reluctantly followed her husbandīs dismal lead, though she can easily see well above and beyond his little head.

Fourthly; Mr. Kenna had an obligation upon his appointment and confirmation; that he should have immediately made a public speech to his people to explain the procedure of his appointment, and what program he has to serve his people. (WHICH HE DID NOT FULFILL AND LEFT IT TO OTHERS TO SPECULATE) Is this how he respects his people?

It is my understanding that when the group of eight Assyrian organizations gathered in London last year; they unanimously elected Mr. Kanna to represent them and that he, Mr. Kanna would keep in consultation with them on regular bases. It appears that he has ignored that too.

The Chaldeans were ignoring the Assyrian people and the name Assyria. They were very anxious to secure a seat in the name of Chaldeans; they did not succeed.

The General Secretary of the Chaldean National Congress, Mr. Ghassan Hanna,

***Oh SHIT...ANOTHER General Secretary!!! This is too funny!

demands the inclusion of the Chaldean representative in the leadership Council. Furthermore, he is saying that the exclusion of Chaldeans in the executive body, the:"Iraq Leadership Council", renders the council as unrepresentative".

Mr. Hanna also stated that the Chaldeans reject categorically any claim by any group to represent them. "Chaldeans must be represented by Chaldeans and no one else"…

The silence of Mr. Kanna is causing a serious conflict among the Assyrians. Therefore, Mr. Kanna owes the people, that he represents, an immediate public speech to clarify his standing, and explain the purpose behind this hidden action of using the name of "Chaldean-Assyrian".

***Jackasses...we are all from Iraq...we are ALL Iraqi....the heritage of Iraq includes all the jackrabbits that ever lived back to the time of the first one...who was also no doubt a Secretary General Rabbit.

-- farid
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