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Posted by farid from ( on Friday, July 18, 2003 at 2:35PM :

...and slight of head.

Sleight Of Hand

There's an intellectual dishonesty in the way our Christian Assyrians shift back and forth between their grievances at the way they were treated by Muslims for being "jes li'l ole Assyrians", when in truth it was because of the way they BEHAVED under the influence and control of Chirstianity that brought out the worst in their Muslims neighbors. They get away with this by so muddying the field, since Christian doctrine is largely built on a solid foundation of high minded obscurantism anyway...making them so damn slippery it's difficult to catch them and hold them down long enough to get a good look at them. Every time they complain of being maltreated for being Assyrian, a little investigation will show it was for building yet another church and not an Assyrian cultural center, Assyrian museum, or forming an Assyrian glee club. If they suffered persecution let's at least be honest about what they were persecuted for.

As much as Islam invaded BetNahrain in 700 AD, so too did Christianity invade it earlier and then, later, both of them went to fighting over the spoils, as they're still doing. The Christians were by and large ousted and have continued the fight from other lands, often using the few remaining ones as a fifth column, something NO government apreciates...ask Ashcroft. When our boys discuss Christianity they gaze piously heavenward and pretend that this religion was brought to Iraq, from Israel, by sweet cheeked cherubim and seraphim...reacting, for all the world, in wonder and shock... SHOCK, when you mention Christian armies filled with blood thirsty, rapacious mercenaries. It was never the Christian sweet and mild breathren who captured and held we can see where our own brand of meek Christianity went...into the ash can. It was the cruel, bloody and ferrocious Eastern Romans, the byzantine Byzantines who established "Christ" in that region and they were just as happy to kill fellow Christians of a heretical bent as a Muslim or Heathen, or their own mothers and children. It was the Emperor Heracleus who ordered all Jews be put to death in that region unless they converted to Christianity...something no Muslim ever did.

Yet our boys pretend that Muslim armies descended on harmless Christian villages in Iraq, Syria and Egypt filled with chanting, praying farmers wantonly killing them all, for sport and out of an inbred bloodlust. Muslim army fought Christian army for control of that region and while Muslims indeed levied a tax on Chrisians who refused to convert...big fucking deal...aren't we all paying taxes anyway, 1500 years later and to Christians and AS Christians? Who can honestly say he or she would have prefered the Christian solution to conquered people of the other religous persuasions, that is, killing them all and their children outright? The Muslims didn't wipe everbody off the face of the earth who was of a different religion and then call that "peace"...the way the Christians did. The Ottoman Empire was the only place on earth where all three religions were welcomed and respected. It's easy to have religious "peace" when you kill everyone of a different faith but even that didn't satisfy the Christians who then went on to divide into two and then 100 camps , turning all Europe and then the New World into a blood soaked killing ground, "for the truer Christ".

Now see...right there, when I say "Christian, I don't mean the decent folk minding their own business, which is the way our boys use that word when it suits them, for they exist in every group and always have and always will...decent people are decent in spite of the incitement to bloodlust and arrogance every religion encourages and not because of any holy doctrine that turns bad people to good...I mean rather Christian armies and Christian prime ministers and Christian generals and Christian kings and Christian emperors...people we all know are neither Christian, Muslim nor Jew in reality, their type having always been with us and always impervious to the slightest "religious" scruple.

It was our Christians who insisted that they and only they were the true descendants of the ancient Assyrians...and why? How did they know that for certain sure? Because they were Christian, that's why..."you have to ASK"?! Now what kind of a jackass argument is that... born of the fertile imagination of your standard issue village-idiot priest? Were the ancient Assyrians Christians? Were they Buddhists? All Assyrians eventually abandoned their own religion for variants of Judaism and that, more than anything else accounts for our dismal present status, well earned. Christianity is no more indigenous to that region or to "Assyrians" than Islam or Judasim is. In fact, when you see how modern day Assyrians fall all over themselves to honor a Jew, looking for validation not in their own glorious past but in Jew history book they too actually believe is the word of a God, calling his birthplace their "Holy Land" and him and his blood soaked father "Lord" and "Father"...may Ashur blight their bones...and how gleefully they just got through cheering for and paying for the destruction and rape of the lands they call their "dear" homeland...BetNahrain...can there be any doubt where their real loyalties are...where they really come from and why they are roundly despised though yet tolerated in the MidEast?

Those of us lamenting the imminent destruction of the lands, the looting of the treasures and the murder of the children of Iraq, the real Holy Land for Assyrians if there ever was one, were banned from "Assyrian" forums while one Christian after another wept over the fate of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Could any Jew get away with calling him or herself a most devout and ardent Jew by damning Jerusalem and paying to support Baghdad?...yet this is what our Christian boys and girls do in reverse.

It's for this muddleheaded thinking, this silly ploy to get what doesn't belong to us, any more than it does to any resident of Iraq, our playing the Assyrian card when it suits us while ignoring any tangible or actual act or contribution having anything Assyrian about it, as well as our apparent and eager willingness to back even such a cold and calculated fraud as this recent war, one in a long series of unprovoked attacks, to "liberate" Iraqi oil that makes CHRISTIANS suspected and disliked back there...but never to such an extent nor so quickly as any dark skinned person became a parriah and enemy in the Christian West after ONE...ONE attack, and the first one EVER in modern history against any Western Christian nation no matter how often it went meddling and killing and looting Muslim lands because their god told them it was okay by him.

Ask any Iraqi and you'll hear him or her express pride in their Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Mittanian, Hurrian, Kassite, Amorite, Assyrian, Chaldean pride and history...and any sane Iraqi will add to that illustrious list of forbears the magnificent Islamic era when Baghdad was THE city in the Western world and Western Asia...with plumbing, hospitals, universities and so much more while the Europeans were eating each other raw, afraid even to bathe. Of COURSE the Muslims adopted what went on before...why shouldn't they for Ashur's sake! Why have generations of Christians there been taught that the Muslims "stole" anything or that any Muslim there was an Arab automatically and hence an "outsider"...when as much could be said for any Christian in Betnahrain? And after centuries of such indoctrination and ignorance we've produced today's "Assyrian patriot"...nothing more than a pissed as hell and envious Christian tryng to enoble him or herself by claiming direct lineal descent from Ashurbanipal, no less, as a way to get a leg up on the dominant Muslim community.

This could be the excellent reason the Christians from the villages, who are among the biggest blowhards about their abuse AS "Assyrians" and who've been almost eager to take every opportunity to chastise the majority there and browbeat the world for "taking" what rightfully belongs to the heirs of Asyria (gag), have remained so pig ignorant and backward to this day that they could even form such a preposterous "claim"..because they refused to participate in the new glory days, the vast achievement of Islam which they've shunned and refused to recognize or benefit from for 1,300 years...preferiing to huddle among their old Christian ruins and the close, familiar and suffocating animal heat of their village priests where they could gather to lament and wail...presursors to the modern pissing and moaning we're famous for.

Don't mention it.

-- farid
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