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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, July 18, 2003 at 4:30PM :

In Reply to: time to make a bet posted by Sadie from ? ( on Friday, July 18, 2003 at 11:10AM :

The on going conversation with yourself, but if I may intercede, if I am even using the correct word, I would just like to say, that, before anything is said or done in this post, I am inclined to agree with what it is that you have to say, regarding the above issue, and although I have not read a word of it, I decided I would post this in response just because I believe I can accept your posts as truthful and unbiased to the utmost, and as you and other unfortunate readers prod on through this journey of meaningless nonsense I am typing, you will realize that the reason I am responding is for no reason other than the fact that I felt like responding, considering the fact that I usually agree with you anyway, except for when you say rediculous things like women are equal to men and Andreas is a cutie(just kidding of course about the women and Andreas), and you have recently been forcing me to divulge electronic bytes exhibited as characters appearing on a monitor that displays the electronic equivalence of manual symbols which are receiving information from outer sources and converting that information into data which it then translates into a character that is eventually seen on the computer screen by any number of unnamed viewers who type in the correct internet address in order to view these such messages, which they read expecting to get news and other information and feedback, yet encouter weirdos like Yuyos and Walwas who once ruled over their ancestors but now type as people who are at the moment bored, and therefore take up cyberspace, thereby wasting electronic bytes(like people waste paper from trees), and all this because you insist that I should type on this forum so in order to oblige you I decide to entertain myself at the same time, and thus I produce this seemingly incoherent post that only the strong-willed will be able to finish reading, and yet, the scientist was certainly killed by you know who for you know what in you know where and you know when and you know why and you know possible how as well, but in the end, it is evidence of the contradictions that such loving nations as Britain and US should want to support peace, and should tell us the truth, and should not censor the people, the democracy that is, and it draws questions as to the veracity of the claims supported and produced by the US and other co-conspirators of the devastation known to them as imperialism and economic profit, damaging permanently the lives of millions, killing millions, starving millions, raping thousands, censoring billions. Thus, I hope you do keep posting, and I will do the same, and everyone else will just have to bear with my occasional erratic posts, since I know they all love me and would, if they could, mail me food via airmail, but right now they are financially strapped, having had to pay the dues to this website, so I trust they will resume sending food my way in central Florida within a few days, and noone has to try to show their utmost respect for me, for I already know it, and those who remain silent in response to this post, admit it unconditionally. So I will cease from my current nonsense, and I hope to see you all at the convention!

--Yuyos, Lyudos, Walwas, Alexander, D, Alejando, etc. etc.

-- Alexander
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