Three Fat Italians And Me

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Posted by Secretary General from ( on Saturday, July 19, 2003 at 12:51PM :

First of all, Iīd like to announce my elevation to the post of General Secretary. If John and the Ghassbag can become Secretaries...or Generals, I donīt see why I canīt. In fact, why donīt you all become Secretaries and we can play "Office"...or become Generals and we can play "Army". Once youīve decided to play "Assyrian"...nothing is beyond your diminishing sense of decency.

But what I really weanted to say was, after hearing yet another shuffle of the Italian Singing Tenors card game...this time made up of Pavarotti and some other two I never heard of, one of them with a hernia, I think...Iīve decidced Iīm one of the few people left on earth who hasnīt had a shot at singing with these guys, or any one of them.

So, I sent a letter to Luciano and his newest handler, Voluptina Derrier... suggesting we cut a demo with me, the Secretary General of one corner of the Assyrian Nation, and any three of them...or just Pavarotti...thatīs at least two Wops right there. If they donīt respond Iīm writing to the United Nations about my historical right to be heard singing.

-- Secretary General
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