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Posted by General Secretary from customer-148-233-93-48.uninet.net.mx ( on Monday, July 21, 2003 at 11:15AM :

In Reply to: Re: So u know how it is posted by Nineve from HSE-Montreal-ppp3470801.sympatico.ca ( on Monday, July 21, 2003 at 10:11AM :

And I know that Christians have been and are still abusing the shit out of people...as much as anyone else ever did, if not worse. I also know things have to change and if I expect revenge then it never stops. There people of goodwill everwhere able to transcend their foolish religions...thatīīs our only hope.

: Yet you still are craving to live as a zemmi...!!!

: : : Take it easy so that a vain wouldn't pop out in your head and yes this wasn't addressed to you so why did you get on the line ???

: :
: : ***I am vain...I do not have vains in my head...neither is there a vane on it. I never understood this business about how, if something isnīt addressed to you...you should refrain from commenting. This isnīt a private phone line...I figure the reason you hang your ass out there in public is because youīre either fishing for a bite, a kiss or a kick. Iīll comment about whatever strikes my fancy...you are free to do the same, or not.

: : : I don't expect you to understand because if you didn't live in a situation you will not know what it is and it will be always just what you hear and then you can say whatever you want and whenever you want.

: : ****What "situation" are you refering to? I was born in Iraq and was there in 58 when they murdered Feisal...I still remember the sound of gunfire throughout the city...in 1956 I was in Kuwait and was nearly killed by an angry mob the day the British bombed Port Said. I attended a Muslim school, my brother and I the only Christians among a few thousand Muslims. I was attacked every day for a year, teachers and students wanted to fuck me...it got so bad my father bought us a Volkswagon so we could escape each day before school let out.

: : I was beaten for refusing to wash and learn Muslim prayers...I also refused to learn Arabic so I was beaten across the hands every day for a year in every class...as a way to humiliate me...so...I donīt know what you mean when you say I havenīt lived in a "situation".

: : ***You must be one of those who believes that because you are treated in a brutal fashion...you just received permission to become a brute yourself...and if your neighbors are idiots...well why canīt you be one also?

: : : We say:"Leeshana lit khoutou kitweh".

: : ***I say...dooshla goo netyatookh.

-- General Secretary
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