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Posted by General Secretary from ( on Monday, July 21, 2003 at 2:02PM :

Another thing about this, "We are the only and true Assyrians"...and I guess it goes a long way to explaining why ardent Assyrians have such a deformed sense of logic from the moment they buy the argument uncritically.

The proof goes somehting like the advent of Christianity all, or many, or some, or most Assyrians converted to anyone knows that is the first warning sign you have to dance over...if you´re true Assrin material. But this is covered nicely by that little cute thing we have which says that anyone who doesn´t TALK a lot about being Assyrian, obviously can´t be.

Then it goes on...since we know no Christian would marry a Muslim...and since we already proved all Assyrians are all Christians...we therefore know no Assyrian EVER married a Muslim and diluted his or her pure blood. Besides those that may have don´t count anymore..all that Assyrian blood turned to Muslim jelly I suppose. This is the second stumbling point any real Assrin will blissfully sail over.

And so we have today´s Assrins...who base their entire identity, such as it is, on Christian grounds...using the Assyrian name as a prop and something to add polish to some otherwise pretty shabby material.

If you can swallow this nonsense whole you are exactly the kind of Assrin we´re all suffering from...hence I say that what ZOWAA and the others are trying to do only hurts the people as a whole and since we´re lost somewhere in there, it hurts us even more.

Sending a thousand dollars to kill and maim the people of Iraq, and then sending a dollar for band-aids to the CHRISTIANS there, is the same recipe for suicide we´ve been practising for generations. It´s bound to backfire as it has every time.

This is all due to the Christian Phlanagists in disguise who are using the Assyrian handle as a way to further their Christian agenda, which has about as much to do with being Christian as Bush does. I never thought I´d see Narsai snookered as well...but they got him where he´s vulnerable...they convinced him he´s doing something for "Assyrians"...when it´s just going to blast the Christians there even more.

It is decidedly UN-Assyrian to be so narrow in scope...the ancients never were...they saw people as people...with the Assyrians obviously a bit superior, as the presence of their noble empire implied...but they didn´t deliberately put their heads in the sand and look for their "glory" there.

-- General Secretary
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