Saddam's sons....

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Tuesday, July 22, 2003 at 11:19PM :

At a time when US military morale is low and the soldiers are venting frustration with the US admnistration, it would be very convenient for the US to stumble across some "heartening events." Without even testing DNA they "confirm" their deaths, yet if it were someone else, they would not be so quick to "confirm," and lest it be something they want to hide, it would never be "confirmed." So whether they are really dead, I do not know. It won't make much difference in the war, other than perhaps a short morale boost for grogged US soldiers, whether the account is substantiated or not. In the end, the US is using this as a temporary boost to its image for some Americans and some of its military, and whether the truth is ever found out, whether his sons are really dead or not, may not come out for a long time, since the US wants to appear to be accomplishing something. I do not, personally, know what to believe, for I do not know the real circumstances, but this came about at a very convenient time for the US in its current plight, and the whole thing sounds a little too fishy to me.

-- Alexander
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