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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 3:05PM :

In Reply to: Re: The Best Assyrians posted by StarDrifter from ( on Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 2:43PM :

: Do you think that perhaps fifty or a hundred years from now, a new generation of Assyrians will by then have shed much of the false celebrity and self-indulgent behavior that you have so aptly described?

***I hope so...itīs what I worked for for 20 years...itīs what they fought against...

John Nimrod's generation, after all, is rapidly receding now and I, for one, believe that your work deserve's to receive the artistic recognition and appreciation it is due. If this sounds patronizing, it is not meant to be, because I sincerely believe, that things as they are now, will not remain so indefinitely.

***Not patronizing at all...I appreciate the good words. I always said I was just barely "good enough"...never grat, never even an artist. That wasnīt the point. I didnīt set out to break any new artistic ground...I just believed there was a crying hunger, not even recognized a such...just a dull ache in the void where our pride could be. But even that was too much of a threat.

: I may be wrong, but the defects within our communities, during the last hundred years, may have been influenced more than we realize by by defects in the general population and destabilizing events that have taken place in American society during that time period.

***I donīt think so. I still maintain that we donīt recognize what it means to a people whose greatest achievements came at a time when they didnīt follow a Jew religion but their own. There are lots of religions and gods...and thereīs a reason we developed ours and not Buddhas or Mosesī. If we want to now claim that Christianity, or Islam, is our REAL and TRUE and ONLy religion and if we react with fright and shock at the idea of abandoning them...then imagine what happened to us that convinced us to abandon Ashur? Or is the point supposed to be that Ashur wasnīt worth the fffort...but THERE is a religion!

: I hope that you will not destroy your work. I hope that you will at least give more time to reconsider the possibilities that lie ahead, when there will be no more opposition to your original plans.

***No...Iīm convinced this is the best the Phoenix, maybe something will rise from the ashes.

-- farid
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