Amira, why don't you write in Assyrian?

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Posted by Andreas from ( on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 at 6:52PM :

In Reply to: About Iraqi Governing Council posted by Amira Bet Shmoel from ( on Sunday, July 27, 2003 at 6:25PM :

: Dear all
: Please feel free to read my article about Iraqi Governing Council, that published in many arabic websites.

: also , read in eamama many new articles:
: thanks
: Amira Bet Shmoel

+++ Amira, why don't you write in Assyrian?

+++ Most of the forum members can't read Arabic - and you obviously can't write Assyrian (or you can, but are not doing, why then?).

+++ So, both of the mishap lots of you are at par - happily united in ignorance. What more to desire in orgy of absent awareness?

+++ At quite a speechless par...., but nevertheless a massively pretended "Assyrian Nation".
Though nobody of you tribalist crooks does know what a nation is, at all.

+++ The concept of "nation" is outdated and long surpassed by history - long before ypu pseudo-Assyrians ever will start to understand that obsolete nation concept.

+++ Meanhwile I feel a certain feeling of revulsion at such a primitiveness.

+++ BTW: Amira, I read - sometimes - your Arabic articles in Eamama.

+++ I am not really your fan, but neverthelesss want to tell you that I am very glad to see an "Assyrian" Lady being so dedicated and active.

+++ Now, please: Do it all over again in "Assyrian" (Neo-East Aramaic).


-- Andreas
-- signature .

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