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Posted by Tiglath from ( on Wednesday, July 30, 2003 at 9:54AM :

In Reply to: Yer brutal stupidity: A castrated bull is a cow? posted by Andreas from ( on Wednesday, July 30, 2003 at 7:27AM : sound like a man of experience.

But enough bragging about your sexual exploits.

While I have your attention I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me.

Do you actually think that the Germans are of Assyrian descent? There's a born again Christian movement that believes that the prophecy, see below, will come true in end days of Armageddon.

They believe that the Germans are neo-Assyrians and that in the final battle the modern-day Assyrians will fight modern-day Israel otherwise known as America.

Could this be why you hang around and attempt to "enlighten" us?

The Plain Truth
December, 1962

GERMANY in Prophecy!

Khrushchev has promised the West a new crisis over Berlin. Will
Russia sign a separate peace treaty with Communist East Germany?
Here's what's really behind the struggle in Europe -- and what
history and prophecy say will be the outcome!

by Herman L. Hoeh

INSET: Recently the West German Government arrested four editors
of Germany's leading news magazine "Der Spiegel". They were
charged with treason for publishing an article exposing military
weaknesses. The case has rocked the Government. Voices have been
raised against the return of Gestapo methods under Adenauer. What
is now happening in German politics forebodes DANGER to the West!

WHERE is Germany mentioned in Biblical prophecy? Or are the
German people mentioned at all?
The German people stand today in the very shadow of the Iron
Curtain. Germany at this moment holds the key to Europe's destiny
and to Western defense. German industry and transportation
constitute the heart and arteries of Europe. Without the beating
of the German heart, Europe would quickly stagger and fall before
the ravages of atheistic Communism.
Germany has been the center of the world's two greatest wars
and of the scourge of Nazism. Seventeen years ago, TWO YEARS
destroyed forever as a mighty nation. It seemed she could never
rise again.
Yet today -- seventeen years after Germany was completely
destroyed -- today, with the Iron Curtain still dividing her
people, Germany is once again the vibrant heart of Europe.
We commonly hear of the economic "miracle of Germany." Never
has there been anything like Germany's revival in history. But
Germany's revival is also MILITARY and POLITICAL. This time
Germany does not stand almost alone -- she is the leading power
in a gigantic European Combine -- the Common Market.
What does Germany's new power portend? Where will Germany
lead Europe?
Will a Fascist revival once again succeed in taking over
Germany and all Europe, this time from within, BEFORE WE REALIZE
It is high time we faced these questions!

Could Bible Prophecy Ignore Germany?

Consider also that Germany has set itself up as the bulwark
of European civilization for well over a thousand years. Germany
for centuries has claimed to stand as the eastern wall of defense
against the barbarism of Asia. It was on German soil that the
hordes of Asia, sweeping across eastern Europe, were more than
once stopped.
The German Reich long endured as the oldest political
institution in Europe -- older than the government of France or
England by centuries. The German people called their Reich the
Holy Roman Empire. It bore rule over Europe for a thousand years.
This "Holy Roman Empire of the German People" was officially
designated by the Church in the Middle Ages as "The Kingdom of
God" on earth. Its citizens, the Germans, felt themselves true
Romans and bearers of the Christian Reich or Kingdom. THEY were
therefore the CHOSEN PEOPLE of the Christian era, entrusted with
a world-mission to be the protectors of Christianity.
The German leaders and philosophers have never forgotten
this notion of the Middle Ages that the German, in place of the
Jew, has a special mission from God. German politicians know that
their dream of a world Empire can be created only if they
maintain this claim of a world-mission.
This strange concept, which lies behind political thinking
in Germany today, is plainly stated in a German work which I have
before me as I write this article. The book is entitled "Die
Tragödie des Heiligen Reiches," or, translated, "The Tragedy of
the Holy Roman Empire." It is by Friedrich Heer. It is a
remarkable volume. It lays bare the reason for the SECRET MOVES

Hidden Till Now

Bible prophecies definitely mention such minor nations as
Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon. It clearly mentions Russia, China,
Italy, Turkey, Great Britain and the United States. Could Bible
prophecy, then, ignore Germany? Could it overlook the German
people who have played such an outstanding part in human history?
Assuredly not! Nor are the German people ignored!
Dozens of Bible prophecies are devoted to the German people.
Yet the prophetic identities of Germany and Austria have remained
hidden from the world. Why?
Because moderns nations are not usually spoken of in Bible
prophecy by their modern names, except in a few cases. Names
often change over the centuries.
Usually, modern peoples in Bible prophecy are named after
the ancestor from whom they sprang. Nations are merely families
grown BIG.
For example, the Kingdom of Jordan is spoken of as "Ammon
and Moab," because the descendants of ancient Ammon and Moab live
in Jordan today (Genesis 19:37-38). The Spanish people are
usually referred to as "Tarshish" in prophecy, because the bulk
of the Spanish people descended from Tarshish (Genesis 10:4). The
Great Russians are designated "Meshech and Tubal" in prophecy
(Genesis 10:2). And joined with them in a Communist league is
"Magog," the ancestor of the Mongolian hordes of Eastern Asia.
Other nations, such as Egypt and Ethiopia and Greece and Persia,
are referred to by their modern names, which they have retained
unchanged over the centuries.
But where are Germany and Austria mentioned in the Bible
The story of the ancestry of the German people, and their
role in prophecy, is one of the strangest stories ever written.
It is gripping with interest, amazing -- yes, astounding!

Germans Shape World Affairs

The German people have been the civilizers of Central
Europe. It is they who have fundamentally carried the torch of
this world's civilization from Roman to modern times. It is the
German people who, often by the sword, brought the pagans of
Europe into the fold of the Catholic Church.
"The History of Germany," writes Bayard Taylor, "is not the
history of a nation, but of a race ... Thus, even before the fall
of the Roman Empire, it becomes the main trunk out of which
branch histories of nearly all European nations, and ... the
connecting link between ancient and modern history. The records
of no other race throw so much light upon the development of all
civilized lands during a period of fifteen hundred years" (from
"History of Germany", page iii).
Germany has been a center of learning for generations. From
German inventions developed one of the most powerful means of
mass communication ever produced -- the printing press.
Many of the world's most renowned musicians have come from
Germany and Austria -- Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Handel, Haydn,
Mozart, Schumann, Schubert, the Strausses and Wagner.
German inventions have contributed greatly to the modern
industrial world -- Daimler invented the motorcycle (in 1885),
and the gasoline-driven automobile in 1887; Rudolf Diesel
invented the Diesel engine; Siemens, the furnace for
steel-making; Bayer, the synthesis of chemical dyes; Fahrenheit
gave us the mercury thermometer; Benz, the internal combustion
engine; Mitterhoffer, the typewriter; and Rontgen discovered the
X ray.
And think how many children have read Grimm's fairy tales,
translated from the German. German dramatists, essayists,
historians, philosophers and poets -- too numerous to mention --
have mightily moulded world thinking.
Germany has contributed more military leaders than any other
nation in history. Its governments have, in the past, claimed the
right to rule the "Christian world." The German State, from its
beginning, has nearly always been a confederation of states --
often an empire of German ruling over non-German. It is the
German people who, more than once, have believed themselves to be
the "Herrenvolk" -- the Master Race.
German leaders once again -- just as in centuries past --
openly are attempting to unite all Europe in a United States of
Europe -- and, through Europe, to reshape the world in order to
fasten German leadership and culture on all nations and peoples.
German philosophers still regard this as a special calling from
heaven itself.
Certainly the German nation, which now holds the key to the
survival of civilization, COULD NOT BE OVERLOOKED BY THE BIBLE!

Where DID the Germans Come From?

The German people -- who number over one hundred million
throughout the world today -- are one great family. But they are
composed of numerous small tribes. Nations, remember, are
families grown BIG. Take Israel for example. The nation Israel
descended from one man, Jacob (who was renamed Israel upon his
conversion -- Genesis 35:9-10). But Israel had 12 sons. His
family therefore was divided into 12 tribes. You read so often in
the Bible about "the 12 tribes of Israel" -- Judah, Dan, Ephraim,
Levi, etc. (Genesis 49:28).
The same is true of the German people.
The Germans are composed of numerous small tribes divided
today into three nations, Austria and East and West Germany. Of
all these tribes, perhaps the most famous name to Americans is
that of the HESSIANS. The British hired numerous Hessians in
their effort to put down the American Revolution which began in
1776. But the Hessians are not the only German tribe. When the
Germans poured into Europe nearly 2000 years ago, they were known
to the Roman historians by various tribal names. Among the most
important German tribes were the "Hatti" (the ancestors of the
modern Hessians), the "Alemani" and "Suabi," the "Quadi," the
"Casuari" and others. The Romans called them collectively
"Germani", meaning "War-men" (from the "Encyclopedia Britannica",
article, "Germany").
But from where did all these Germanic people come? -- for
Europe was NOT their original homeland!
Here is the answer of history: "There can be no doubt that
they ... migrated into Europe from the Caucasus and the countries
around the Black and Caspian seas," states "Smith's Classical
Dictionary", article, "Germania," p. 361.
The Germans, then, can be traced in historical records to
the regions surrounding the Black and Caspian seas, which border
on the ancient BIBLICAL LAND OF MESOPOTAMIA. This is the region
where civilization commenced and from where the Bible patriarchs

The Bible Answer Is Found!

Ancient German records claim that their oldest city, Trier,
was founded by a son of Ninus -- the Nimrod of the Bible -- who
founded civilization (Genesis 10:8-12). "The inhabitants of Trier
maintain that their city is the oldest in all Europe," writes
Josef K. L. Bihl in his textbook "In deutschen Landen," page 69.
"Trier was founded," he continues, "by Trebeta, a son of the
famous Assyrian King Ninus. In fact, one finds ... in Trier the
inscription reading, 'Trier existed for 1300 years before Rome
was rebuilt.'"
But how is it possible that the oldest German city, Trier,
founded over 2000 years before Christ, should be built by a son
of Ninus, the renowned King of ANCIENT ASSYRIA?
Notice! Ninus (his Bible name was Nimrod), according to
Genesis 10, led the ancient Assyrians from Babylon and supervised
their building of Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria. (In
1957 Dr. C. Paul Meredith and I viewed in Iraq, the ancient
Mesopotamia, the very cities originally settled with the
Assyrians by Nimrod.) From there the Assyrians began their
conquest of the ancient world. They, too, called themselves "the
Master Race." But why do the German records speak of the son of
an ASSYRIAN King as the builder of their first city? What
connection have the German tribes WITH THE ASSYRIANS of history?
Jerome, who lived at the time when the Indo-Germanic tribes
were invading Europe, gives the answer: "For 'Assur (the
Assyrian) also is joined with them'"! (Letter 123, § 16, quoted
from Psalm 83:8; from "Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers".)

Did the Assyrians Invade Europe?

Yes! Jerome said so! But how did he know?
He saw them! He was an EYEWITNESS to their migrations from
Mesopotamia and the shores of the Black and Caspian seas!
Only 300 years before Jerome, the Roman naturalist Pliny the
Elder declared the "Assyriani" -- the Assyrians -- were dwelling
north of the Black Sea ("Natural History", IV, § 12, page 183).
But the Assyrians did not remain there! They are not there today!
Of course not -- they migrated into Central Europe -- where the
Germans live today!

PHOTO CAPTION: Below are three photos of Assyrians who still live
in the ancient land of Assyria in Mesopotamia. Notice their
similarity to the Germans of Europe. See how different they are
from their Arab neighbors.

History lost sight of the Assyrians, just as it did of the
"Ten Lost Tribes of Israel" whom the Assyrians took captive (II
Kings 17 & 18). But when we rediscover the "Ten Lost Tribes of
Israel" as they migrated to the British Isles, the Low Countries
and Scandinavia, they were separating from the Assyrians or
GERMANS, who took them captive.

Germans Are Assyrians

The Germans, remember, came into Europe from the shores of
the Black Sea and its environs. Now consider what Sylax, the
author of the "Periplus," who lived about 550 B.C., writes of
(from page 261 of Perrot and Chipiez's "History of Art in
Sardinia, Judaea, Syria and Asia Minor", Vol. II.)
How plain! The Germans came from Assyria!

(To be continued)

-- Tiglath
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