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Posted by Esarhaddon from ( on Friday, August 01, 2003 at 1:04AM :

In Reply to: You're right. posted by Sadie from D006157.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Thursday, July 31, 2003 at 10:13PM :

I stood along the side of Iraqi people and I have defended them and as a result I was called names, beaten, jailed, and... but I didn't deter. How could I have sat on the side fence and turn my head to avoid mass killing of Innocent Iraqis and our heritage?


I still believe, The U.S. and its allies occupied Iraq for Geo-Poilitcal reasons and Oil. And I strongly believe that it is genocidal to sanction any nation and its people like U.N. and U.S. have done with Iraq and Iraqi people.

As I have said in our weekly gathering in L.A., the shameful act of Iraqi sanction is as "Genocidal" as heinous criminal act perpetrated on jews during WWII by german nazi. And every single person who had any hand in this Act Against Humanity(Iraqi Sanction Genocidal) must be brought to justice in the court of law as a criminal act against humanity.


: : ... all the museums and universities that have raped and looted Iraqi artifacts for generations?

: xxx That's the way I see it, too. BUT, what else can we do, anyway? I mean, this shouldn't be the way it is, but it is, so this is the best we can do for now - look at & appreciate the artifacts, via the web, that OUGHT to be in Iraq but are showcased in various European & U.S. institutions. We've degenerated to a "nation" that DEPENDS on a virtual reality to exist.... & pretty soon, we might not even have the rights to see these things on the web.... We'll all end up in some prison for being possible terrorists.

-- Esarhaddon
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