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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, August 02, 2003 at 0:05AM :

In Reply to: Re: furthermore... posted by farid from ( on Friday, August 01, 2003 at 12:01PM :

: ***I sat with Jackie at her kitchen table...trying to keep her cheeks from spilling over onto me...when she hit on the idea of charging the fee as a way to weed out undesirables...without actually having to say, "You, get out"...they would just impose a fee that would supposedly keep away the young riff raff.

: ***To tell the truth...they don`t WANT new people. They`ll be just as happy killing the thing with them. New people means other ideas, which means challenges, which means change, which means they`ll die of fright.

: ***There isn`t a leader among them who would sacrifice anything, anything at all...most of them are underemployed and thrilled to death to be known as leaders of Assyria. They have no desire to go anywhere...achieve anything...just showing up, after work and soccer practise, is enough of an >"Assyrian" thing to do.

: ***Don`t blanch at the idea of starting our own...I know they yap about unity, but they mean homogeneity...which would be fine if there was anything of substance to attach yourself to...there isn`t...and I`m certainly not talking about an AANF clone...which is what most of these guys start when they walk out in a huff...I`m talking about something real...something modest with practical, acheivable, measurable goals...scary ain`t it?

See subject for our plan.

Over Christmas Break, people...!!!

-- Jeff
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