Love...on de ole Plantation

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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, August 04, 2003 at 12:54PM :

Listenning to Nat King Cole croon oily love songs in that inimitable voice of his reminded me of slavery...woman slavery and how close it was to the other kind...but more insidious because being a woman slave is internalized, normalized by years of rat-bastard conditioning using a man's "love" of woman as the chains that bound her. No slave was ever a fool for love...their chains were real enough. Women were certainly chattels once, just as Blacks were. The Civil Rights movement definitely gave a boost to Women's Liberation as the earlier Woman's Sufferage Movement took on the cause of the oppresed Blacks, factory workers, children...all the people on earth who eat shit so the Man can enjoy hisself.. There are many ways in which wifery was slavery, in the eyes of Church and State to begin with and sanctified by them both. Slavery ended long before rape-in-marriage was finally deemed a crime. In other words, white men lost the right, the means and the legal protection to rape their slaves long before they lost the same privilege over their wives.

So I found myself transforming love songs sung by plaintive, unsatisfied, betrayed, "lovelorn" men, who were after all "Masters" of their wives, into the same sort of melodic cry directed towards a slave by her owner. Here are some top tunes.

"Oh mah darlin darkie, why's you left me fo another"

"You's smilin up North...whiles I cries down South"

"Sweet slave of mine...where have you gone"?

"Kind nigger...why is you sad"?

"Watermelon tears an Chitlin sorrows".

"When I's a reachin out fo yo black ass, dat I loves, in de you thinkin bout de Man down de way instead"?

"Come back...come back mah nigger our happy Plantation Home what we done built together".

"The chilin, dey cries out in de night for they Mammy...but she done gone and broke they hearts."

"What'll I do...if you run away"?

Look at the Man, listen to him sing love songs to his captives, bought and paid for....actually wailing the unfaithfulness of his love slaves...feeling hurt and abandoned by them if they run away...or look for a better Massa down de road.

There's so much shit-for-brains in us all we'd almost do better to start the whole thing over again...and this time no "miracles", "some Jew said so"...this time it has to make sense to our REASON first...and can't hurt another soul, I don't care what the color or ethnic origin...or a tree, the air, or any body of water. But most of has to respect the minds and bodies of children...not USE them, but respect them. There's a difference enough people don't understand...or do.

Well...back to work.

-- farid
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