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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-93-58.uninet.net.mx ( on Monday, August 04, 2003 at 12:56PM :

Which of these things is uniquely Christian...

1. Helping old ladies cross a street

2. Picking up old men who've fallen over.

3. Giving alms.

4. Staying by a lost child till its parents come.

5. Showing kindness whenever possible

6. Eating the body and drinking the blood of a "dear" young man (symbollicaly)

7. "Weeping" that Jesus was killed...BUT, taking the goodies anyway.

8. Getting married.

9. Caring for aged parents.

Well? Which of all of these "fine" human qualities is preached and practised only by Christians, not by Muslims, Jews, Buddhists or Hottentots? Which of these laudable things did Christ bring to earth, that weren't there before and impress on his followers?

Oddly enough only the two creepy and despicable ones...symbolically playing the Cannibal's part and hypocritically crying over the poor murderd bastard...like it fools anyone. Say that believing in his murder and participating , symbollically, in it, or agreeing to benefit by the ill gotten goods that could only come your way as a result of it... promptly resulted in ten million dollars being deposited in your bank account...how many "weeping and wailing" Christians would be standing in line at the, "Mother Church and Stock Brokerage" ATM machine? Talk about crying all the way to the bank.

What kid has the presence of mind to run screaming from Sunday school when this stuff is first insinuated into his or her young, unformed, trusting mind? What kid is able to reject the kindly priest, the smiling nun...the warm, cozy atmosphere, the authority of grown-ups who claim to represent God? After the milk and cookies and a few pretty little songs, the "teacher" gets down to the real point..."children, Christ was killed for you...glad to do it, even though you weren't around then and never asked him to, because you are sinners and your mommy and daddy are sinners and you'll all go to hell and burn forever, even little sister and dear sweet Grandma...but there's a way out...a special way that only we Christians have, our little secret, our own special present...here, eat this body and drink this blood and get down on your knees and embrace this instrument of torture and execution and you will be "saved" and you'll join the angels and heavenly hosts etc"....what seven year old, besides me and a few other damned souls, would have said ..."What the fuck...are you nuts...let me out of here"!

It isn't only the child's bottom that's handed over to these fucking priests by trusting and uncaring parents, to be played with at will... young minds are also entrusted to them and they get reamed just as badly and it's LEGAL! Your basic pederast and pedophile has to slink around alleys and hang out on street corners...not your priest and man of god, no sir...he sits in his or her lair and the victims are cleaned and oiled and brought to HIM...busloads full of them! There in the privacy of this church the child can be fucked at either end, or both. I know, I know...these aren't REAL Christians. Well if Christianity provides the cover and means to dissemble and fool people to the variety of crimes practised under its protection and through the means it provides...I say there's something basic in the way it's structured and allowed to operate that makes it as deadly and harmful as it is. Christianity is a belief system that seems to get away with "taking it back" no matter what it inspires. If, in one night, any medicine killed ten thousand of the people who swallowed it that night, the medicine would be deemed a poison...not a "mistake"...or not taken "properly"...but an out and out failure and gotten rid of...even if ten million benefitted by it.

Why would Cannibalism, one of the most condemned and creepy things on earth become a hallowed, sanctified part of a religion of "love"...and what difference does it make, how does it sanitize it to play at it symbollically...why would you even WANT to? Doing it for real is bad enough...but PETENDING to do it...why? What's the benefit from this sort of pretense? Where's the duress that has led people at times to resort to this sort of meal? Even under the most dire circumstances when eating Henry was all that stood between emaciated, desperate and half-crazed people and death...they've still been censured and condemned for it ever after even though they never did it again and hated doing it at all in the first place. Do we have a society that encourages cannibalism anywhere else, at any time, under any circumstances? Is it something hallowed and time-honored among us, as it has been at times with certain people...or rather has it always been rigorously condemned with the strong implication that if you're stuck somewhere and forced into it, better die instead, if you're thinking this dastardly act will "save" you for any meaningful life back among your fellows. Does anyone want a religion of symbollic rape? How about symbollic pederasty and pedophilia?

The organ that's used in this symbollic chowing down on a young man's body is the same mouth you'd use if you really were getting ready to eat actual, gory, dripping, body parts and drink blood. Only the body and blood are symbollic (and don't give me the, "we don't actually CHEW on it, what do you take us for...?"...how often, to signify that a cut of meat is particularly fine, do we say, "melts in your mouth"?). What if you asked children and old folks to participate in a ritual of symbollic pedophilia...(and got a tax exemption from the government for doing so)? I mean which is worse, Cannibalism or pedophilia? In such a ritual you'd again use the actual organ you would if you did it for real...your sex organ. For the symbollic body of a "blessed child, the butt end to be exact...you might use a "sacred" doll...or maybe a "wafer" with a hole in it...(look, I can't help it if the church has by now normalized cannibalism to the point where you all think symbollic pederasty is the only disgusting thing here).

Entering a church such as this you might be greeted with the following sight...a long line of "faithful" lined up at the altar...hands clasped in prayerful reflection, many weeping silently, almost all of them looking serenely idoiotic...while a priest at the front solemnly holds up the Sacred Butt...dolls arse or bagel...and as each penitent bound for paradise steps up...he whips me out his cock and gives the heavenly host a quick SYMBOLLIC hump...puts his sainted prick away and goes to the basement for tea and cake. I don't know what the women and little girls would do...maybe they suck breifly on a boy doll...or a consecrated breadstick...or bend over and get...never mind.

What would be wrong with that...after all, it's only a SYMBOL. But for decency's sake...a symbol of WHAT!

-- farid
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