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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Monday, August 04, 2003 at 4:36PM :

All this hoohaa about terrorists and what dangers Muslims pose to world peace...the elevation of Allbrights and Thomases and Powellls and Condis, the drumming of religious frenzy and so much of what we've been looping through the last twenty years is fueled by a panic in White Folk, men mostly, that they're about to lose the edge they built in for themselves centuries ago.

How was anyone in 1776 supposed to know we'd take the Constitution seriously one day...that "All Men" would come to mean "all" men and then all women too and Blacks and Latins and everyone else? That amazing document has provided the peacefull, legal means by which the Man has been toppled...or thinks he's in danger of it. And in many ways he has indeed lost his exclusive hold...but he's managed to do what all have done in his position...find collaborationists who'd turn on their own for the fleeting hope that the Master approves of them enough to hold his nose and tolerate their presence.

It's this blessed document the corporate polticians and church leaders have set their sights on...this whole terrorist boondoggle, the murder of Iraqis...the "failed" intelligence...all of it...was intended to get enough of us to believe the problem was our Constitutional way of life...arguably the ONE single factor that made America, at its best...the best.

But...not to these boys. To these boys things have gotten out of hand...too much freedom...too much restraint of destructive trade and freedom to abuse workers and the environment...but how, dear lord...could you get us to dislike the United States Constitution...get us to view it askance. You'd have to create circumstances it was unable to deal with...but you couldn't do it honestly...and Nature itself couldn't do it either. Only sneaky, criminal, lying politician/businessmen could do it.

So...here we are...convinced that if we weaken it, we'll strengthen our lives, our children's security. How could someone even think that way? Easy.

-- farid
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