In Which Aprim is Saddened

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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, August 04, 2003 at 4:47PM :

These patrots remind of people standing outside Parliament commenting on what goes on inside...who can't even get in the door to hear for themselves. Who is an Aprim? In the larger scheme, what does he do...what does he matter? Better yet, why do these people insist on getting "active"...on "dealing with the issues"...when they have absolutely no power one way or the other? And incidentally...not a one of them works, or even tries to, where he or she could maybe actually achieve something. Instead they want to "ALERT" us all..."LET THE WORLD KNOW"..."SET THE HYSTERIC RECORD STRAIGHT" and a whole lot of stuff they coulodn't begin to do...if you begged them to.

In fact, give them everything they're clamoring for and they'll just start shooting each other. We have no enemies...except each other.

akhoni Robert,

The sentence you selected, quote: "The governing council has 25 members. Thirteen are Shia, eleven are Sunni and one is Christian. The interim chairman is a Shia cleric, Muhammad Bahr Al-Uloom," unquote, does not concern me. They are referring to Iraqi religious groups, the 13 Shi'aa, 11 Sunni and 1 Christian. I see no issue when they speak of the Moslems of Iraq and then talk about the Christians of the country.

What concerns me is when they say Kurds, Arabs, and Christians or when they say Turkomen and Christians. What concerns me is that I am not seeing anything out there about Assyrians or Chaldo Assyrians in the documents posted on the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) web site; that is alarming.

Something is very wrong because we all read those web sites mentioning Assyrians and Mr. Yonadam Kanna as an Assyrian Christian ... we need to get to the bottom of this and understand what in hell is going on and who is telling the truth and who is not. I just cannot believe what I am reading.


-- farid
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