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Posted by Esarhaddon from ( on Monday, August 04, 2003 at 11:08PM :

In Reply to: Re: Iraq is 'beginning of the end' posted by farid from ( on Monday, August 04, 2003 at 4:57PM :

This notion of "Empire" isn't some new notion invented by the Westerners.

This notion of "Empire" has been in practiced since the dawn of the civilization and it will continue as long as man is insecurity and greed are part of his belief system.

Empires like Babylonians, Assyrians, Romans, Greeks, Mongols, Arabs,and... have come and gone into history books.

History will repeat itself.


: No one wanted to "improve" conditions in one wants to run the one wants to help them and guide them into Democracy.

: Iraq was a means for achieving things in really think any of the major players care? You think Bush cares for the Iraqi people any more than Saddam did?

: For one thing the war made lots of people rich...that's what American wars do, the last three or four, plus minor warlettes, that still consume billions of our tax dollars. So the war in Iraq was good bidness, first of all. Of course other sectors get hit...but these guys aren't INVESTED in those sectors.

: Then there's the deficit thing...if you're running bank and the multi-billionaire down the block comes up short and needs a cash infusion to keep the manse gonna refuse? You gonna regret having to loan him money? Like'll be pleased as hell he needs to fact, if you could DO anything to break him and drive him to your door, you'd risk life and limb, others', to do it...ahem.

: While one branch office of American Bidness got rich off the war..."where oh where did the surplus go"...the other branch office is eagerly "helping out" with a can't beat AMERICA itself as collatoral.

: It's good bidness to drive the Treasury into bankruptcy periodically...oh, not if you believe their protestations about how sad and sorry they are we're broke etc.... but grow up.

: Stop thinking of your leaders as anything other than your leeches and bloodsuckers...people who would sell you cooked stock, send your children to sub-standard schools...send them to wars...send them to polluted beaches while they summer in Biaritz.

: America is waiting on Americans.

-- Esarhaddon
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