Dancing Down To Hell

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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-71-31.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, August 05, 2003 at 3:16PM :

Peter BooHoo said somewhere once that the Arabs originated nothing but took everything they built their magnificent civilzation with from the people of BetNahrain. So? Is that supposed to condemn them somehow...aside from being a silly assessment anyway? But let's grant him the point...Arab civilization, which at its height in both Europe and BetNahrain was the highest of its time...was inspired directly by what they found in BetNahrain waiting for them. Power to them...they took it, expanded it, updated it, added to it and spread it far and wide.

What did we do? We also copied someone. We copied our latest religion from the Jews, dumped our rich heritage, ceased to practise any sort of culture but what came attached to this offshoot of Judaisim...you know, those cousins of ours who couldn't build an outhouse that lasted 10 years...so instead they discovered "morality"? Like God could only bamboozle or tolerate people too backwards to laugh him down. We had the good sense to send old Abraham and his sick brood packing to the desert where he heard the "true word"...between sheep farts. And look what we did with it...used it to get our asses kicked from pillar to post in our homelands...used it to get us chased out of BetNahrain with...and went to live in countries where this same Jewish religion had taken hold...murderously so...where we've been "welcome" and happy to occupy the basement..."FREE at last, Free at LAST, FREE AT LAST...now what?..." For the past 2000 years we've been wailing for Nazareth, longing for Bethlehem...for the last fifty we've been paying to maintain Jerusalem...and for the last 14 we've been paying some more to ravage our "dear" homeland...and kill our own people.

I'd say the Arabs worked their way up the evolutionary scale...and met us somewhere along the way as we plunged down to hell. They took what we didn't want...and THEY were stupid?

-- farid
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