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Posted by Sadie from D006216.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Tuesday, August 05, 2003 at 4:27PM :

In Reply to: Sa-creww that posted by Alexander from ( on Tuesday, August 05, 2003 at 0:11AM :

: I hate historians, I hate archeaoligists, certified liars is what they are.

: Turks my dunba!

: Turks(ethnic Turks) do not equal Turkey
: They happen to inhabit the area(along with Iran and many other countries) its just that Turkey is a huge motley of different nations, many which became exhausted so Turks had their chance. Turkey is not a Turkic state, but merely a name, where they once ruled, now it is a motley government.
: This is not a response to you Sadie, Im jsut responding to the article.
: Turkey is every country that was ever there, and partly the blood from invaders as well. Turks have higher culture? Who taught culture to who?

xxx Exactly! However, as we can see in the present, greater military strength appears to allow one nation to lay claim to the heritage/culture/history of those it occupies.

: The "anatolians" were well established waaaaaay before the "invaders" came.

: Lydians, Lycians, Cappadocians, Ionians, Armenians, Assyrians, Hittites, and on and on and on.

: In the war of Independence(Greece), millions of Ionians from what was once Ionia, left Turkey for Greece... Armenians and Assyrians and others have since also been fleeing Turkey, hence Turkey is therefore a motley state, and the attempts at trying to make it seem like "one state of one nation" cause backlashes that spread into already-ingrained societies, and so they decide to leave instead. But ah, nevermind, I just felt I had to respond to this post.

xxx Yes, it angers me that the original Anatolian heritage of Turkey is often denied or branded as "Turkish." However, I think that many people call themselves Turkish because of the name of the place in which they live & the language which they speak, & understand that their heritage preceeds that of the recent arrival of the Turks. I think that what the author writes can be interpreted in more than one way, & in essence, he is just pointing out that people that inhabit present day Turkey share a genotype with Armenians, Kurds, & other Mid Easterners who come from "old stock." I think the real issue is that the author of these articles has problems being PC in English, because it is not his native language. : ) It's kind of funny, actually. I think he means well, & that we shouldn't take what he writes literally, but try to understand the big picture he is trying to point out - that genetically, we in the Mid East are all mixed brothers & sisters, no matter what we call ourselves now-a-days. We come from many older tribes who have now mingled so much genetically that there is little to divide us, outside of language & religion.

xxx Anyway, who is to say that any one language or religion ought to be first among us? We should embrace all traditions, languages, & religions that stem from the region, & realize the wealth in imagination that has brought these things about & that continues to be spawned from these things? It's a rich & ancient land that we come from, so why not appreciate everything as it is & continue to see our history as one big, multicolored tapestry?

-- Sadie
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