Crimes Of Arrogance: Will They Ever End?

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Posted by StarDrifter from ( on Wednesday, August 06, 2003 at 10:30PM :

Gulf War Syndrome
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It is unfortunate that, like the proverbial iceberg, we only get to see a hint of life's dangers that lie before us. For most of us the warning never comes, until it is too late, because the real dangers that we are most vulnerable to, lie hidden below the surface of the real day to day world we live in. Those real dangers remain hidden from us because the powerful elite know that exposing those dangers to the light of day would also pull the carpet out from under their entrenched power structure and put them on a level playing field with the rest of us. At all costs, they intend to maintain power. If found out, they merely feign ignorance as though they are one of us. Isn't this the zenith of human arrogance? But can any of us opt out and claim to be 100% victim? Aren't we all guilty to a degree? Isn't ignorance nine-tenths of the law? I wonder how often I have been guilty of this kind of arrogance. I wonder how often our Assyrian organizations have been guilty of such arrogance. I wonder if it will ever end?

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