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Posted by panch from pool0153.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 8:11AM :

...would you be if you thought the Civil War ruined a good thing...refused to pay taxes, ran the other way whenever America was in danger (for real), knew nothing of its history, thought Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson were stupid...thought the Constitution was no big deal and generally neglected to give anything back to the country, but took all you could from it while putting back in as little as possible?

Would you dare stand up in a crowd and proclaim your love of America? Would you insist that if everyone followed your example this would be a Grat country indeed? Would you lol your damn head off at anyone silly enough to say America needs strengthening, or needs to be cared for?

Would you think that coming here to buy a Cadillac and a nice house so you could drink designer coffee and lol and fuk were the best ways to show your appreciation for America, and you owed the country nothing else?

What kinds of Assyrians are these? They not only allow their homelands to be destroyed, but pay for the work...all the while paying to protect Israel. Then you realize that Israel is now the country their Jew carpenter was born in...and Iraq the land of Ashur...and you wonder all the more about their claim to being Assyrian. Attack Assyria and hell, they'll help do it. Say anything about Christianity and they'll attack YOU.

How in god's name is this being SAVED???

-- panch
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