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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 10:27PM :

In Reply to: Re: The Prick posted by Julia from ( on Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 5:38PM :

: >>you got that wrong. she wants to have a constructive dialogue with you - which you are not really interested in. You said a long time ago that you are interested in raising social consciousness on issues you deem important. And you have a way of doing that that differs from other people...different means to an end. while you heavily cite historical references and books and articles you've read, you give little if any time to a meaningful exchange with anyone.

++++Dear person...I've had these college conversations before. Got tired of them...hopped a frieght and escaped...kidnapped my son and went to hide out in Greenwhich Village.

You guys are starting out...these "meaningful" discussions that serve as a stage from which you can shoot rhetorical rockets in the air to impress each other are not for me. I left that all behind...and didn't do that much of it then.

I've had all sorts of meaningful converstions with all sorts of people, but they have to lead somewhere...if you have anything original, slightly...and challenging...I'm for you. The stuff you've thrown at me so far just crosses my eyes.

Is it my fault? Don't you ever take responsibility for boring the bejayzuz out of people?

-- panch
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