Oh, I forgot the attribute "autistic"

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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C3E4.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 3:03AM :

In Reply to: The best memorial would be... posted by andreas from p3EE3C3E4.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 2:50AM :

Oh, I forgot the attribute "autistic" in "hysteric schmaltz comedy"

: The best and most honouring memorial would be... to wake up out of this selfserving hyper-patriotic and fascist, hysteric schmaltz comedy and to press for thorough investigations into the 9/11 events, into what really happened.

: Operation: 'Enduring investigation'

: or

: 'Roll back the Pox Americana'

: andreas

: : Atour Gonal squeaks....

: : .....

: : After the events of last September 11,national unity worldwide and the
: : freedoms we enjoy are more valued and more fiercely protected than ever.
: : Threats of violence and hatred do not erode our pride but rather encourage
: : us to celebrate our patriotism with renewed vigor. Live brave. It is a
: : powerful weapon in the war against terrorism.

: : One year ago this Wednesday, the United States was assaulted by terrorists
: : who wanted to attack our way of life. The immediate results were tragic
: : loss of life and, for some, unease about returning to their daily lives. As
: : a nation we have moved on, but this week we look back and remember.

: : We remember the shock and the outrage. But we also remember the heroes -
: : both the famous and the hidden. The larger-than-life and the everyday acts
: : of courage and kindness in a world turned upside down.

: : We are all grateful that no Assyrians or their immediate families were
: : injured that day. But Assyrian American had a vital role to play, a role
: : that will go down in our history as one of our proudest moments.

: : To all the families that lost there loved ones on this horrible day of
: : September 11th, our prayers shall always be with you and also to the
: : survivors that were fortunate to have made it through all this. Also to the
: : New York firefighters and policemen and everybody that did the best they can
: : to save lives you are very strong, caring and hard working people that we
: : need and are proud of in the United States of America.

: : To respect the day, we suggest that Assyrian Americans follow the lead of
: : the U.S. government, which is calling for flying U.S. flags at half-staff on
: : 11 September and observing a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. (eastern time),
: : the moment the first plane flew into the World Trade Center tower.

: : +++While we're at it let's also follow their lead and bomb the shit out of the countries that gave us birth and civilized the world...why not...you are a "proud" American now...you Putz!

: : On this day of remembrance, we urge you to attend your local Assyrian and/or
: : neighborhood memorial services. This is where they worked, supported,
: : comforted, toiled, died, struggled, survived, wept, and prayed. Then lights
: : pointed skyward lifting thoughts of loved ones and prayers to heaven. Turn
: : the lights back on at the tower site! This is the best memorial. The light
: : does shine on their faces in heaven thru the graces of our lord.

: : +++You consummate Ass and awful writer. Your one claim to fame will be that you didn't have to bend over far to get your nose up in there...the good lord knew what you were for...he put you at asshole level from the get go.
: :

: : God Bless America,

: :
: : Atour Golani,
: : President,
: : Assyrian American National Federation

-- andreas
-- signature .

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