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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 7:47AM :

In Reply to: Re: Oh JEEEEZ!!! posted by Gandhi from ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 3:41AM :

For you to criticize Assyrians for not having any brains...and then come across with your own example of the very humble of you.

So, where have you been...getting educated?

Why should Assyrians, or any other people of color, support these moves by the United States? Loving America doesn't mean accepting what every jerk says is in America's interests. Would you say the CEO of Enron "loves" Americans?

These guys prey on us...they use and abuse America, its system of government and the generosity of its people...they also make sure to provide an inferior education for its children so we'll never know enough to question them. What little critical thinking was allowed in schools is gone...long ago.

I don't stand "united" with an America that will kill 600,000 innocent children...not for a minute, or one that despoils the world my children must live in, these excesses aren't being done for my benefit or the benefit of my children, but to make a filty rich person obscenely rich because money is all that we have left to worship...and that doesn't mean that I have to leave America. It means that our government has managed to lie to us to such an extent, and scare us so badly, that we are willing to go along with them..because we want to feel safe...and all the time it was never Iraq that menaced the United States...but the United States that has been committing war crimes and genocide against the Iraqi people...enough of them Assyrians.

For Assyrians to go along with this just means we've finally been brought to the point of wiping ourselves need for any Muslims to do it...and for THAT you can thank the Christianity that "saved" us...just so we could commit murder against ourselves and then suicide.

-- panch
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