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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 3:11PM :

Two about how airports and other ports of entry will begin screening and questioning and monitoring visitors from certain MidEast countries...yeah, ours. Iran and Iraq and Syria are on the list...for now all you Turkeys are safe...but that can change.

Muslim's Rights groups are up in arms...Assyrians are hiding and getting out the white paint...stocking up on EXTRA big crosses. No one checked white racist good old boys after Timothey Mcveigh..."hey, he's one of us".

Some Asian "Uncle Tran" who heads a "Reasonable Immigration Group"...everyone but him is suspect...says these are parlous times and we have to be "careful" putting Japanese Americans in comcentration camps...does no one have any memory for anything but last week's sit com?

Assyrians of course, and as usual, are racing to kiss up as quickly as they can...we have a dismal history of doing they'll be considered "white".

The other story involves a Palestinian woman who was fired from Macy's because she expressed "unpatriotic sentiments" after 9/11...probably something like, "just a second"...or, "do you really think...?" Macy's is trying to settle out of court for $125,000...but the woman and her husband say there is more at stake than money here...she wants an apology on behalf of her people...No NOT you...Assyrians are WHITE...remember?

Meanwhile our people can't wait to expres their agreement with Dubya and Ashcroft over everything and if anyone was ever saved by turning to idiots for protection...the same damfools who brought us this terror.

-- panch
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